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Catch Me

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Just look at these two, they're soooo cute o3o Tell me, of course you would do so much to catch your loved one. Look out for them, and they will certainly look out for you ^w^
Anyways, this scene was actually based on a real life incident

This is the final picture I for a project led by Neonhuo, which was a MAP dedicated to SpindleSpice. This was completed on the final day of the project as a backup, so I had to finish it in only a few hours. II didn't have enough time to fix a lot of the anatomy and proportion errors (along with plenty of messy mistakes), but I feel at least it turned out quite presentable >w<
I'm so glad neon and spice liked how these pieces turned out. I've known Neon for so long, we met during our first Artist Trainer's Ground event in 2015. He is such a sweetheart and is the first, very close friend I've made through ponies--and introduced me to even more new friends. I am so honoured to have contributed for him and spice, as it means a lot for him to trust me not to screw up my parts for such a significant project. I wish him and spice the best <33

The project was heavily inspired with the song Again by Sim Gretina.

OC Neon Streak from Neonhuo
OC Fox Glove from SpindleSpice

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Great piece. I haven't known these two for too long yet but they are great people and their OC's are adorable.
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What cuties. They're so adorable. <3

I love that dress as well. <3
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Uh this picture is so beautiful of them.