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Bored [ATG9-09]

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Published: July 4, 2019
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If I'm understanding this passage right,
then this sounds like it will be a lot of fun.
Y'all remember that time when Twilight got that secret journal by Starswirl the Beard and it had that unfinished spell? The spell he could not get right and he abandoned it? The one that apparently somehow modifies six artifacts that just so happen to be laying around. The spell that Twilight had the brilliant idea of casting even though she did not understand it at all?
Yeah, that was pretty stupid thing to do. I would think Twilight has better foresight when experimenting with magic.

I got distracted with some work today, so I did not have much time on this one. The composition is not the best nor is the execution, but I think the idea has potential--thanks to the brilliant GreyfeatherDraws bae.
Sigils have always been difficult for me to draw. It takes a lot of precise geometry, and designing all the details is quite a hassle.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 9
Prompt: Draw an episode idea you’ve always wanted in the show / Draw a pony with a bright idea.

Pone Twilight Sparkle from that toy company

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Very well done.  I love how Twilight looks here.  She looks so much younger and naive.  :heart:

"I got distracted with some work today"  Work is such a time sink.  So much I want to do but I have to work if I want to live and get more stuff.
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, somehow I accidentally draw ponies with foal proportions, so I think I'm a little comfortable with young pones.
Mmm yes, the balance is certainly an ongoing process to improve while growing up.
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Well in the end she has finished the spell because of it.
But now to your picture. Twilight is adorable. 
The book is a bit too big and the Sigil does not look so bad.
On the whole a great picture. Keep it up the great work.
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Eh, I'm not sure what the finished spell did anyways, or it's purpose X3
I agree, the book is quite big. I was making it rather big compared to twi, but i think with the sizing of the props and sigil, all the scaling went out of wack.
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Nobody really knows this. Except the makers of the series itself and I'm not so sure if the makers thought so far.
But as I understood it and still in my head. So I could be wrong. Does the spell have something to do with friendship.
Because the explanation because Twilight became Alicorn is because she invented a new kind of spell with it.
Although many find this explanation stupid. I think the idea that you have to achieve something big to become Alicorn is not so bad.
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