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Book Bait [ATG7-28]

Maybe I can get you to come to my party now.

Just a simple thing, I didn't want to get too caught up in coming up with a creative idea, so this was just the first thing that came to mind.
To be fair, a trail of books worked with a fully grown mare :3

It's been raining all day, and flash flood notifications constantly. I've been inside as I don't want to get wet c:
And speaking of the prompt about school, due to inclement weather, my classes are canceled until Wednesday. You know what I'll be doing... ^w^ working on my commissions <3 Finally
Even by then, ATG should be done, that's pretty neat.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 28
Prompt: Draw a pony at school / Draw a pony bursting with knowledge
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this is what moondancer do on twilight get her atention were both are filly!! and is same trick twilight use to get moondancer to the party! 
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How To Catch A Twilight~
Love the idea you went for on this, it's hilarious ^^
Twilight looks so pleased with her book-- it's the perfect bait. 
Great picture!

Oh and you had a massive hurricane in your state, right? I hope everything is okay with you and everyone else <3
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Yeah, shame that a mouse could eat its cheese bait, but Twily can't read her book inside the box. She'll have to have some illumination spell :3
Thanks for the delicious love! And your concern is appreciated, <333 while there was extensive consequences, there luckily was a lot of efforts to reduce the damage of the hurricane.
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Um Moondancer? Probably not the best way to get Twilight to come to your party. Getting ponynapped is not a good way to be friends.
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You don't know that, this is pioneering science being conducted right now. >3<
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Hey! You did not get this idea thanks to the episode "Amending Fence" with Moon Dancer ? ^^
I do not think she ended up in a box. xD But it's a good idea, comique and cute Heart 
Oh, I hope the worst is over .... But in this misfortunes, you get to get a good news ^^
You're motivated, it's great to see it !
Looking forward to seeing your progress ;)
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Yeah, I guess it don't work out. I honestly don't know what went wrong.
And who knows how well I'll maintain the motivation when classes start up again TnT
I'll try my friend, progress is nothing but a step away. <3
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Ayyy, more time to draw! That's great! <3 I'm lookin forward to it! I always love your art!
And heh, such a cute Twi. She's so innocent and unexpecting, unaware that she's about to be caught by the nefarious Moondancer. X3
I think she'll have fun at the party though. She just needs to loosen up a bit and have some fun! 
This is a great picture. It's a simple idea, sure, but I really like it. It's very cute! I love Twilight's innocent expression as she's bending down to look at the book~
Moondancer looks so confident too! It's adorable~ Fantastic job, my friend! Keep up the amazing work! We've almost made it to the end~
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You lovely butt, you better enjoy my art of pone shenanigans. I mean, this piece is truly savage. It might be difficult for Twilight to loosen up when she's traumatized.
Thanks! I was very pleasantly surprised with how much more adorable their expressions turned out. Maybe it's the filly-scale that helped enhance the cuteness. <3
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Classes canceled due to the weather? This is something I've never lived (I heard that is some mountainous areas of the country, school is sometimes canceled, but here when it snows the trains don't work but you still have to find a way to go to school, mostly because in such a urban area, they assume everyone's school cand be reached by walking... : D) If I had to catch a bookhorse, I would definitely use your technique, thanks for the great idea < 3
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Gosh, we definitely don't get that where I am (of course it's not urban), just some cold precipitation with a little slush and everyone panics. I guess it's better safe c:
No problem, we like to offer the finest in pone catching technology. For you, my friend, no cost :3
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It is a thing. Happened to me once when we got sent home early because of snow. That was not there when the day started.
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