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Better than Outside [ATG9-25]

Look, digital outside is better than real outside

I am familiar with Minecraft, I'm not that old. I've sold my soul to the game before, but I've gotten it back. Gosh I miss the time I could play this game.
I was looking up references to check my sketch, and I totally forgot that this other piece of Button's mom and Button Mash has a similar idea [Here]. It's funny to accidentally pull from previous encounters.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 25
Prompt: Draw a pony Enjoying Nature / Draw a pony exploring the great outdoors

Saucy mom pone Cream Heart from Jan Animations
Colt pone Button Mash from that toy company
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I'm suprised noone talked about the point on the other line.
I'm thinking it's Sweetie Belle
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Hee hee, maaaaayybeee >w>
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Nice!  I do miss the days of Minecraft alpha with the original terrain generation and night was much darker and digging down to bedrock was a big deal.  I had more time back then too it seems AND I was working more hours.  Wonder how that works.  
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Oooh yes, for me it's hard to fully describe and explain the longing for the alpha ^^
And I also question how weird time feels for us depending on context--honestly you can't win XD
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Aaawww thats nice of Mother's Button. Ah, that brings good old memories to the front. Had not such a mother but on the PC I played a lot.
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Ooooo I certainly had good memories on the PC, though probably too many memories with how much time I spent on it XD
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Adorable :D

He's probably gaming with Sweetie, right?
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Oh yeah, he's probably gaming with her. :3
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