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Back on the Road [ATG7-26]



Trixie will never trust wheels again.
She is strong and shall pull through.

Poor little magic horse, she's doing the best she can to get comfortable.

I've done plenty of hiking before, and getting caught up in a storm is quite an interesting experience. Just squatting down and hoping you're not struck by lightning overhead makes you so aware of you being out in nature. I guess it's sort of a vulnerability, but there is some adrenaline rush in it.

I couldn't do much with this piece as fate has found yet another way to occupy myself as I am in the midst of packing. It's not directly due Hurricane Harvey hopefully, as I live in Texas--I might be just on the fringe. But while I'm moving back to Uni, the weather is very severe and is potentially hazardous. My regards to those at risk with the development of this hurricane.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 26
Prompt: Draw a primitive pony / Draw a pony going back to nature
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I have lots of trouble to see her like that, poor Trixie, she has not had much luck this time. Waaaah! 
I have never had this experience, and I prefer not to know it ^^'
But it is better to know all the solutions when you find yourself in this delicate position.
This is understandable, not worrying about it, I hope that you will arrive without difficulty in Uni. Do not take any risk and pay attention to you ! Hug 
I hope that this hurricane will not be as powerful as announced by the media ... :( (Sad) No, I disagree!