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Angel of the Oasis [ATG10-25]

Hello stranger, welcome to my little oasis. Please, enjoy yourself.
Oooo, take a dip in the pool would be quite nice. Why does summer have to be soooo hot! >n<

Ahhh, this pose is quite a challenging one, especially with how ponies don't normally sit like that!
Kinda fun how Somnambula is usually illustrated all sexy-like or super adorable. Maybe it's that very sensual, see-through gown >w> Very classy mare.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 25
Prompt: Draw a pony going to a foreign land / Draw a pony caught in a tourist trap.

Cute mare Somnambula from that toy company
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She is such a excotic cutie.

(strong nosebleed)

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Hee hee, careful. You can only accept so much cuteness >u>

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Must be in Hisans palace where she decided to open it up for other ponies, to feel welcome about her wise words and love to her home. <3

Everything here is lovely. Her dress is always a winner on her, and here you have captured her feminine look in a more seductive way. Also the eyes is very lovely. I see a wise lady in them. ^^

The bacground feels very exotic and open, like a royal bath. ^^

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Yeah, her standard outfit is somehow more racy than just being naked. Cute face though