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A Visitor from the Past [ATG10-16]

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Well shucks sugarcube, Me and Winona are headed to a new settlement, want to come with us?
Fallout is pretty cool, but this idea is a mighty stretch to fit today's prompt.

My gosh these are getting harder and harder. Already being so tight on time, the issue of coming up with a creative idea each day just makes it much more difficult to get these done in time. I think of the two hours I have left before the submission time, I spend one hour coming up with the idea and screwing around trying to decide how the composition will be.

Sometimes I question my own ability--I can't even draw a dog--even though I'm supposed to take these on a more relaxed approach. Silly me.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 16
Prompt: Draw a pony back from the future / Draw a pony traveling through time

Apple pone Applejack and dog meat Winona from that toy company
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This looks so beautiful and cute.

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1over0Hobbyist Writer

This is wonderful. Applejack's equipment looks great. It appears functional, practical, and realistic. I like the touch of the Red Rocket in the background. The rocket combined with the dilapidated billboard gives it a solid Fallout feel.

I always look for your pictures in the daily posts. You consistently combine clever ideas with great art. If you need to slow down a bit, though, do not forget there are make up days. I would hate to see you burn yourself out.

By the way, Winona looks good. Drawing anything at 3/4 angle is not easy, and you did a solid job on them both.

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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist

Ahhh yes, a good amount of time was spent trying to figure out the equipment. I especially hate how to have earth ponies wield pistols >n< There is no naturally cool way for them to hold it!

I appreciate the compliment, I definitely stress so much with finding clever ideas. It's certainly a difficult challenge, but I will keep being proud of getting the creativity each day with minimal makeups.

Heh, this is sorta the different perspectives of artists. I should be able to draw winona with a more distinct body style, but in particular I feel I draw faces all the same.