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A Proper Seat [ATG9-29]

Sorry dear Applejack, I simply needed a better place to sit
Where'd the appulz go?

I wasn't really to focused on this one, but I really need to practice more on spatial awareness for these poses. I've been learning Blender because I really like these trophy kind of poses. Hopefully I get more time to practice, because I think 3D modeling would be a cool skill to have under the belt. Plus, I could actually learn a thing or two about realistic lighting XD

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 29
Prompt: Draw a pony or ponies doing as many of our past prompts as possible / Draw a pony mixing things up.

Pones Marble Pie from that toy company
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Uh Discord you silly draconequus.
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Hee hee, he is also a silly snake XD with arms and fingers.
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