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The word MTEV stands for Multi-terrain Exploration Vehicle. MTEV series was first developed to colony the Moon in 2040. After 3 generations, they appear on Mars. Designed for light transport and excavation, this vehicle has 5 main seats, have ability to fully automatic cruise, and travel maximum of 600 Kilometers per day in extreme conditions. 
Standard equipment: Compact drill system on the back, terrain scanner in the front, tons of electric stuffs for communication and survival. 
The tactical compact rail-gun on the top is optional. Mostly used to clear debris, but can provide significant amount of damage when necessary.
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Looks like the Mass Effect MAKO ALL TERRAN VEHICLE.
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that hell of a game !!!! 
interesting and amazing
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thank you :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Well that's one heck of a impressive upgrade to the The Mars Rover to say the least.

I also do wonder if we'll ever see cars like this if planet colonization ever becomes a thing?

"Clears his throat" anyway. A Fine job done on the drawing good sir. I do hope you have a wonderful week and God bless you. 
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Your welcome good sir.
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Kinda reminds me of the vehicles from the Netflix Lost In Space reboot, a bit. 
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I had the same thought.
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The vehicle in that series have great design. But i wonder how a electric engine have to increase momentum to accelerate when its torque is instant lol
Nice. Reminds me a lot of the Colossus in No Man's Sky.
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That game have bad gameplay. But overall design is good :D
Not anymore it doesn't. It has great gameplay, and the biggest expansion for it ever comes out tomorrow.
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Good to hear that. Let see what they are going to change :D
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Scott Robertson?
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I learnt a lot from his books :D
TetricShow's avatar
I knew it, he is a life saver xd
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Reminds me of Damnation Alley.
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just made a search about that. Crazy vehicle lol
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And the best thing is, it actually works!
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yeah i can see how it works. Weird, still
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What a really cool vehicle ~
The amount of detail is amazing as well ^^
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