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Firestar Enforcer

Danang, Vietnam - 2035

The little beautiful country at South East Asian has never been in direct fight with Kaiju before. But as an effort to support other countries in the local area, Vietnamese use their limited resources to build an Medium-size jaeger. In fact, the main frame was built right after the first wave of Kaiju Attack. But there there hasn’t had any war since then, they keep the mainframe and continue to update it regularly. 
The current version of Firestar Enforcer can be consider a Mark-5.5 Jaeger. With the mainframe of Mark 5, but stronger, lighter hull and weapon technology of Mark 6. 2 giant Plasma-jet engines attached on the back of Firestar can enhance the mobility of the big, red robot in intense combat situations.
The main purpose of Firestar is to support other Jaegers in Frontline. So its main Weapon is The Plasma Grip on the Right hand. With this grip, Firestart can grab on Kaiju Limbs, burn it with the temperature up to 30000 C degree, or charge electricity through the grip. This is a good weapon to disable Kaiju, which give others more time to finish the monsters.
But in case it has to fight directly with the Kaiju, The Ion cannon on the left hand will do the job. The cannon having its own energy source, can be activated even when it's not on Firestar's hand. It has the same firepower with the Plasma cannon on Gypsy Danger, but with more ammunition. 
To provide enough energy for the whole system, Vietnamese Scientists managed to shrink down the normal Arc Reactor, and put in inside the chest of the Robot. Without the danger of radioactive, and better energy efficency, Jaeger pilots can operate this Giant robot in longer time.
Even if it's not one of the best Jaegers of alltime, it's still a big proud of Gold star country. 

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I forgot to mention that when the Plasma Grip on the right hand is closed, it will become a small shield, tough enough to handle a few strong blows from the Kaijus. I'm afraid that if i edit now it will effect my submission so i will leave it here in the comment section.
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Cool work man! Also you have an overall really good gallery, really liked a lot of works, good job!
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Thank you Pavel! Hope you have a great day.
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thank you Nod Nod Nod 
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  E924e9e1-3c42-4b0f-96dc-b90d760f86bb by J3susChr1st  What is An jaeger
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An Jaeger itself CURSE YOU! 
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This is an amazing custom jaeger and id love to see more from you. Very good job sir.
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Thats pretty neat
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