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Why deeply down I feel like that I love my own dog than anyone else when I stare on her eyes?
Why I feel more comfortable with her than anyone else?

I love my family, close people and as well my beloved partner. I have people which I love but with my dog, there is something very special....

I can hug my dog so easily and at any time.
Dog will always gaze at me with happiness.
When I'm upset, I always hug her. I sleep with her.
I feel comfortable with her than anyone else. Even more than with my partner.

Why I am still feeling a bit shy to look on eyes at my best friend or boyfriend, but at my dog, there is unconditional connection between us.
I feel at my place. Comfortable.
A comfort.

Is that because dogs are free from the greed and sins? That we feel less anxious than with anyone else? Will always forgive us? That there is no mental pressure and fear between that connection?
Or maybe it's because I lost trust to humans? I have social anxiety? I don't trust people... Or maybe I want to escape?
And yet, also, the dogs has achieved unconditional love than us, humans. For humans it's hard to achieve....

I don't know how you feel about it but that's how I feel. Me and my dog, Arnaq, have created wonderful connection eachother that I never experienced before, despite that she is a wild canid. For me on this drawing where I drew a Greenland dog- as wild, unbroken and the closest dogs to the Nature symbolize raw power of unconditional relationship between the dog and the Master.
Not only love gave a trust eachother but also discipline to create a balance between us.
Just a quick personal sketch of myself (or whatever) and dog.
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