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February 12, 2009
Seven Wonders- The Holy Tree by *PearlEden I've had several people suggest this to me, and for good reason as well- and although this isn't an Anthro piece, I feature it on behalf of all animal art appreciators for the nature and beauty of this composition. This artist has graced deviantART with an ingenious technique and art style with traditional media; one that has inspired others to try it as well. However, this artist's work is truly unique and inimitable in every aspect. I feature this particular piece because it demonstrates this artist's full potential, and shows us how beautiful their world of light and color can be. Color theory and emphasis is used very well here, and you will find your eyes dancing through the composition with a fun and vibrant rhythm!
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Seven Wonders- The Holy Tree

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Meet the tiger "Strayer" who searchs for Seven Wonders of nature! :iconflowerdanceplz:

um... this is special personal artwork (rather an experiment) which I got wildly inspired and to do something different... and improve my fucking watercolor skills :(
Begin inactive in Jan, i wasnt at home but i've seen how khaosdog was greatly improving with her watercolors, her art was amazing... so I thought i shouldnt have giving up with my horrible watercolor skills. I think I havent been drawing for long time because of my lack inspiration and my style-hating lol. But thanks to khaosdogs art and my friends from Fan Club of Art uni to "push" me back onto drawing.
An advice or good critique about my crappy watercolors is welcomed :3

Most interesting on this picture is not tiger, but that tree's branch which is turning into holy stone - because I used special materials for experiment. It has 4 layers- under is dyed watercolor, on this is real crushed pearlshell, shining pigments with salt and top is covered with cracked crystal.

See details of effects!
real pearl shell: [link]
stone crystals: [link]

And it ended as a successful experiment. Now this branch is 3D and looks like real stone.

This picture is registered and numbered (symbol and number is available on back) in Fan Club of Art. What it does mean?
I will explain later, in journal maybe.

This original picture goes as a gift for ~DarkTiger-ex which I promised to draw tiger :3

-22x34 cm Strathmore bristol (thanks very much, plexar! <33)
-Ecoline ink and Reeves gouache paints (any suggestions for good watercolors, please?)
-crystallization chemics, pearl shell, shiny pigments and dyer
- 4 days working with breaks, so overall i think 9-10 hours
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What's the bloody-looking tendril next to the tiger's hind leg?