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Cultural Appropriation is the new Mary Sue

I don't know why this was the first thought I had this morning, but it was and here we are. I guess I'm just really sick of BOTH of these terms being thrown around without any regard whatsoever for important things like, ugh you know, CONTEXT! Example: an American exchange student to Korea was recently maliciously harassed on SNS for posting a picture of herself wearing a hanbok to school one day... never mind the fact that the school was holding an event where the students could learn about each others cultures, yeah that's totally not important... And, even after learning that fact, the morons KEPT BULLYING HER - cause you know, white girl in a hanbok = SIN OF ALL SINS!!!!!

Well, if that's the case, I guess us Americans need to stop speaking English (or whatever language you speak; Spanish, German, etc), cause we so totally "appropriated" it from England (Spain, Germany, etc)!!! Guess women need to stop wearing high heels and pink, cause those are so totally "appropriated" from men... and heaven forbid the dreaded satan... a white person with dreadlocks - the horror!!!!!!!!

As you can probably tell, I have equal contempt for how both of these terms are abused these days by virtue signaling tryhards who OBVIOUSLY have NO IDEA what they're talking about - hence this stamp.

Stamp template by Kencho Thank you my dear :D (Big Grin)
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How dare you be interested in other cultures
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SJWs are absolutely heartless. Appreciate the culture and where it came from, yes. Deny everyone the right to dress and emulate aspects from said culture? Absolutely not.