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Lightning x Hope: Kiss

Yes, this is my first Blender render...
I hope you like it as much as I do!
Sure, it's not perfect yet, but still more realistic than rendering with XNALara :3

Special thanks to :iconvonman:.
You are my hero who saved me! Thank you so much for teaching me how to use Blender. :3
I'm so glad it worked for me now! ^-^

Thanks to:

:icontakebon999: for the Hope model


:iconatlantib: for the Lightning model!
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I'm very inspiring to write a fanfic with these two.
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watch those hands hope there are kids here
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Squeals! This made my day. My heart is jumping with joy! It's beautifully made~ >//<
ABM: Blowing a Kiss (Animated Icon) 
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GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
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use maya or modo easy
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It kinda looks like lightning is on her tippy toes. I like that because lightning is kinda short. And hope is now like 27 in this game. :)
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omgz kawaii <3
Can anyone just download this program and the models? :( I wana make stuff like this too
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Posed with "XNALara" and then rendered in "Blender" :) Then a bit Photoshop for some tiny effects. :3 Models are mostly aviable here on deviantart. You can also find one (the FF XIII-2 Hope model) on my page! 
I recently got into this pairing and this made my heart skip a beat and your work is amazinggg! *0* I wanted to know if it was possible to download this without the watermark because I wanted to use it as my phone wallpaper ><
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This is so amazing! I love them together!  :clap: :D
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Thank you! Me, too! :3 
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hope and light good couple
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so amazing omg
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so lovely, can you share these models too?
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In my gallery you can download the Hope model with renamed bones. I have the permission from takebon999 to share it because I renamed the bones to make it easier to work with his model. If you want to download the Lightning model please visit the gallery of someone who ripped it, because I don't see a reason why I should upload a model which was made by someone else. I downloaded it from AtlantiB but I can't see the model in her gallery anymore so maybe you need to find someone else who uploaded a Lightning model.

These are normal models you can download for using them in XNALara.
If you wondered why they look more realistic than other XNALara models - it's because they were imported into Blender after posing them with XPS.
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sooo sexy! love it. please do one with noctis & lightning xD
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excellent! very realistic. do you by any chance happen to have a link to the lightning model? do you know if it will work in DAZ?
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this is so good it like a dream can you like do one of fang and this hope
Going into my fav's ;)
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When he was 16, he had his first love
-@snoop lion!
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Looking back at this, you really did do an excellent job. When models come together in games it usually doesn't looks this natural (here I'm referring to the problem of overlapping meshes, which you've done away with entirely).
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