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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
/// I'm 15, I make Video Games, and I make Music. What more is there to say?
/* Marten Ward | 15 | Artist, Programmer, and Musician */

// Projects currently being worked on:
[Game] Chronicles of CAELOS - ???
[Webcomic] San Purgatory - Incubation

TEAM COFFEE 2018 by artyfight
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Don't Discredit the Old'uns! by Mintaka-TK love music stamp - Fire-Feline by stamps-club Hatedoms Can Sometimes Go Overboard by Mintaka-TK I Do Like the Game Community, But... by Mintaka-TK WE DO EXIST by Mintaka-TK I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin


You Probably Thought This Was Bowsette,
but you thought wrong! In reality, it's just regular Peach ripping off her aesthetic.

No song for a scene this time!

Bullet; Red Time Spent - approx. 2 hours
Bullet; Yellow Tablet Used - Huion GT-190 Tablet Monitor
Bullet; Blue Programs Used - Paint Tool SAI

Blue To Yellow Circle (Detroit: Become Human) HI GUYS! Blue To Yellow Circle (Detroit: Become Human) 

First of all, thank you to those who gave them for the birthday wishes! Sorry I was 4 days late to replying. :D

It's been a while. I haven't posted much on here (my last one was on July 9), but I thought I would keep you guys updated especially with how busy these past few weeks have been! Before I talk about the commissions, I'm going to talk a bit about what I've been up to!

Some of you may know that I have been developing a game titled Chronicles of CAELOS.

CHRONICLES OF CAELOS Logo 360x120 Black (TSP BACKG by novacide

For those who don't know, however, it is an Action RPG about a fox named Gale, and his sister Mika, who discover their grandfather's abandoned portal to a city in the sky. After waking up in the city of Aether, they discover that the portal to take them home was disassembled many decades ago- and thus, they must begin their journey to return back to the surface.

Early supporters of this game may know that it was planned to be 2D in the style of A Link To The Past. But, that's changed.
After many decisions were made, I am now deciding that Chronicles of CAELOS was not meant to be this way.

I have one photo to tease you guys. However, you will have to wait for the details when I talk about it on the CAELOS GameJolt.

ckfJuGR by novacide

When development officially...restarts, I will be posting more concept art on this DeviantArt. That's all for now though! ;)

Now, I'm not talking about this for no reason. This project, along with all of my other projects, have something to do with the reason I am officially opening commissions on DeviantArt, Twitter, and Instagram.


Commissions 1 by novacide

You heard that correctly! I'm finally doing what I said I was going to be doing in January, eight months later.

LOL, I guess it just wasn't my time, way back in January.
But now, I am in great need of the money in order to keep all of my projects going with minimal setbacks.
(LET'S JUST SAY, that the last time my computer broke, it put me into a 1-year hiatus.)

I'll get to the prices and stuff first though, before I bore you with my Laptop's life story.

Now first of all, I have way more info on my Instagram!…

But if you don't want to read that, here are my basic prices:

- Colored Sketches - $8.00
- Flat Colored Icons - $10.00
- Colored Line Art (non-colored, neon) - $10.00
- Lineless Art - $20.00

Again, more information on my Instagram if you want to be more specific.

I only accept payments through PayPal, and you can contact me through Instagram + Twitter (@machmarten) or my Email -!


Now keep in mind that all of the proceeds from these commissions will go towards a new desktop so that I can continue working on my projects without the fear of imminent hard drive failure, or other setbacks that will stop me from doing what I love doing the most.

If you can't read paragraphs, skip to the TL;DR down below. ;)

To explain fully, I will briefly go back to 2013: the year I bought the laptop that I am still using to write this today.
You also heard that correctly: this laptop is 5-6 years old now, and barely surviving on it's own. When I bought this laptop, it was at a Best Buy. If that wasn't bad enough, this laptop was a display model- meaning it wasn't meant to be sold, but they sold it to me anyways.

Fast forward to 6 years later, and this laptop is practically on the brink of death. It has 5 broken keys- 3 of them fell off naturally (I purposely took the brightness keys off because whenever somebody would accidentally press them, the drivers would break and automatically default to the lowest setting, never to move again).
The coating for the track-pad fell off naturally.

There's visible scars from my screwdriver on the keyboard from the time I had to painstakingly disassemble this thing to replace the charging port that broke by itself and put me into a 1-year hiatus.

But, that's not the most important thing about this laptop. This is the most important thing: The first hard drive this thing had failed, and had to be replaced with a 200GB one- which is currently 20GB away from running out of space, and an unknown time away from completely failing again (meaning that I lose almost all of my art, all of my work on Chronicles of CAELOS, all of my music projects, and eventually my incoming Vlogs (that I will talk about later)).

TL;DR: My laptop is super f***ed up and almost about to die after attempts to save it.

Now you know! I just didn't want this to sound like I was ungrateful or just begging for money. I am REALLY in need of this, and this is not just me trying to get rich.

My first goal is to raise 70 dollars to buy a backup hard drive to get all of my stuff off of this hard drive before it's too late.
After that, it's all computer parts for a new PC!


This is the end of the journal. Sorry if that was a large jumbled mess, I hope it was readable to you guys!

If you're interested in Chronicles of CAELOS, feel free to follow the game on GameJolt!…

Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I make music there, and I start vlogs on there very soon, so I hope you guys will tune in ^^…

That's all! Thanks for reading! MARTEN OUT Peace 
  • Listening to: 99 Red Balloons
  • Reading: Twitter
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: with Paint Tool SAI
  • Eating: Taco Bell
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Put On A Show
I might be FINALLY getting a new DJ controller soon, and since there is a furry convention going on every year in my area (Midwest FurFest), I got the idea of a lifetime. Maybe I should apply to DJ at MFF 2018? This might be my final year in the Chicago suburbs, so I'm definitely on a mission to make the most of it. Fox emoji - cool 

Wanted to draw a tiny little sketch just to post to my Twitter (@machmarten), but I guess I got a little carried away! I might add "Shaded Sketch" as an option once I open commissions!

BY THE WAY, if you haven't heard any of my music before, here's a link right here so you can give some of it a listen!

I've been doing it for about 5 years now (even longer than I have with art) so I think it's about time I play a show somewhere ;)

Song For A Scene: Brooks - Lynx…

Bullet; Red Time Spent - approx. 4 hours
Bullet; Yellow Tablet Used - Huion GT-190 Tablet Monitor
Bullet; Blue Programs Used - Paint Tool SAI

TMLPM - tempest shadow
So I drew this during E3 2018 but I waited to post it but I accidentally waited too long so I thought I'd just post it anyway because Tempest is BADASS and I did not want to just keep this in my Documents folder so here you go.

Have a drawing of Tempest Shadow from the My Little Pony Movie!

Bullet; Red Time Spent - okay honestly i don't even know
Bullet; Yellow Tablet Used - Huion GT-190 Tablet Monitor
Bullet; Blue Programs Used - Paint Tool SAI

© Marten Ward - 2018
Meet Kamryn Everett! Born in the year 2060, Kamryn is a probationary deputy in the Aether City P.D., as well as the third member to join the legendary mercenary group of Hurricane Delta. She lives alone in an apartment complex in Aether City, and she's the first person to greet Gale and Mika in the clouds (albeit quite rudely). Her signature weapon is a motorized staff with retractable arrows on both ends.

Bullet; Red Time Spent - approx. 4 hours
Bullet; Yellow Tablet Used - Huion GT-190 Tablet Monitor
Bullet; Blue Programs Used - Paint Tool SAI

© Marten Ward - 2018


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