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Hetalia x Reader- The Beach
(read description first please :D this story will have multiple ending so you pick who you end up with)
You adjusted the strap on your favorite bathing suit and looked in the mirror. (h/c) hair swept up into a high pony, (e/c) eyes with waterproof mascara, and your favorite (color) swimsuit on.
You were ready for the beach. Your friends had invited you out to the beach on their private island for the weekend and you had happily agreed. Why did they have a private beach you ask? Well because you were friends with the personifications of the countries.
And being countries they could get practically anything they wanted, including an island. OF course this island was off the map so no intruders would bother your little party. Another question has probably come to mind by now, how did i become friends with countries?
Good question, that would be because you are a country as well. The country of _______ in fact. The plane would leave in an hour and the airport was only thirty minutes away.
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Depressed!Child!Reader X Nordic Countries Ch. 1
(( Before you read I wanted to do a vote on which Nordic this series should end with ))
((Also some constructive criticism might help a little bit~ Thank you~ Hope you enjoy the story~))
   You heard the sounds of sirens behind you as you fled from the orphanage. It had been years since you had seen your parents. They had died when someone shot them in the middle of their attack on the country of Finland. Your feet stumbled over a small ledge and you fell onto the ground. A squeal of pain escaped you when your head hit the cold pavement. Small puddles of blood formed around your head as you fell unconscious.
   ~P.O.V change~
   Berwald and Tino were having their afternoon coffee at their regular cafe, as they saw a girl run by the window. Tino glanced over to Berwald,"Hey... Do you think we should follow her to make sure she is okay?" Berwald simply grunted then nodded to his so called wife. They both stood up and walked out of the cafe, only to see the cop cars go by.
   Tino hurried
:icontailowb:Tailowb 414 54
Little! Nordics x Reader 1
As the door to your house shut, your five little brothers Mathias,Berwald,Tino,Lukas,and Emil  were running toward you, hugging you and receiving a Welcome Home Kiss from Tino. Yes you did have five siblings and you were the only girl too. despite their nationalities they were all blood related to you. Mathias was Danish, Berwald was Swedish, Tino was Finnish, Lukas was Norwegian, and Emil was Icelandic. you were (age) yrs old and the oldest of the five.
Mathias was 6, while Berwald was 4, Tino 3, Lukas 2, and Emil was only a year old and the youngest of all.
Smiling, you picked up Emil and carried him while you guys walked to the living room to sit down. once you sat down you sighed with content happy to be home and rest a bit because you had a really long day from work. luckily your boss told you could have 3 weeks off since you worked so hard. it also meant more sleeping to catch up to and spending time with your brothers. you were holding Emil and trying to rock him to sl
:iconrcsrbc123:rcsrbc123 177 71
Denmark x Axe!Reader Chapter 1
Denmark x Axe!Reader : Choose me instead.
      How is your life? You are a beautifully sculpted new axe that's wrapped in bandages leaned against a wall for the past month. Yeah I know, life pretty much sucked for you, you dangerous object. Somehow you were alive not that you can move or anything, but you have feelings! You were a really thin and power axe that could cut stuff 5 times better than any normal axe! Why were you there all alone standing there near an alley way? Well your creator passed away a month ago when he finally finished you and the sad news is that he died shortly after that. His family had to throw you out because you were no use to them. I know sad right?
      Your name wasn't "Axe" It was __________ the name that your father gave you when he created you. One thing that was keeping you alive was Matthias Køhler. He's a man that you've been watching well actually peeking out of your bandages and the
:iconangiecake66:angiecake66 129 34
Norway X Dragon!Reader: Hello Old Friend
Hello Old friend
Chapter One: Painful Memories

You sigh as you stare out at the harsh, frozen mountains and glaciers that surrounded your home. Well, the cave that you called home. Shaking your large head, you shut your eyes for a moment and turn away from the mouth of the cave to pad back inside the cavern. It wasn't the ideal place to live, but being a full grown dragon larger than an elephant means you don’t get much of a choice.
You lived in solitude, far from the bustling cities of humans who had long forgotten your existence, or simply called you a myth. You were one of the last of your kind, a dragon, beautiful and deadly, but near extinction. Dragons can live almost forever, but of course they can be and often are killed, either by humans or by their own kind in fights. You remember a time, so long ago it seems, when other dragons flew through the air with hardly any fear at all, and humans treated your kind as equals, friends even, and not the nui
:icondeidarascryingangel:DeidarasCryingAngel 345 42
Hetalia Fanfic - A True Hero
"Alfred, they're coming!"
"I know! Just move!"
Alfred hurried behind a married couple while easily carrying their six-year-old daughter.
Alfred glanced behind him, noticing the quickly approaching armored van, and wished he could make them run faster. They approached the helicopter, the rotating blades blowing dust and their hair in their faces.
Ignoring the racing of his heart as he heard the screech of braking tires, Alfred hoisted the young girl into the helicopter. He swiftly moved away to allow the couple inside, and turned to see the vehicle.
A soldier jumped out of the van and immediately aimed his gun.
The wife ducked inside of the helicopter, but the door still stood open.
Alfred moved rapidly.
A bullet struck his shoulder and he fell to his knees, clutching the bleeding wound in one hand. Through the cloud of pain, he heard the helicopter successfully leave the ground and head out over the ocean. Managing a small grin, he painfully stood to me
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America Motivational by littlev123 America Motivational :iconlittlev123:littlev123 393 300 Awesome motivational by Psiaura Awesome motivational :iconpsiaura:Psiaura 452 55 Wall Italy by MusicTechGirl1 Wall Italy :iconmusictechgirl1:MusicTechGirl1 37 10 Prussia Motivational Poster by MusicTechGirl1 Prussia Motivational Poster :iconmusictechgirl1:MusicTechGirl1 917 466
HetaliaxTomboy!Reader Getting a Boyfriend
"So, (F/n), I just received a promotion at work." You and your parents were eating on the dinner table. You weren't paying attention to what your father was saying. He always had a promotion because of his hard work so it didn't matter to you.
"Right, I know it sounds usual, but the thing is that we have to move for my job." You spitted out your food in surprise.
"WHAT!!!! You're kidding me?! Come on, dad! I just got used to this school!" You were a junior and it took you two years to get a couple of "friends". You couldn't make friends easily. You were too tough, rough, loud, wild, and unusual. You were a tomboy. You didn't like most of the things that girls like. You loved sports. You watch action, thriller, and gore. You hated dresses since you didn't like how they look on you. You wore t-shirts, shorts, and jerseys. Your hair was cut short like a guy and you wore no makeup. Your dad didn't mind, but your mom was very sexist about how you looked. You couldn't count how many times yo
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 332 221
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Warning Cheeky brit ahead! Hope you Enjoy it :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
You couldn't decide whether or not it was sad or adorable, the fact that the grumpy brit was also a grumpy sleeper. Like seriously did this guy ever smile unless it was for a cup of tea, his magical ‘Friends’ or if he was drunk?
You were on your way back to England after visiting Alfred in America and were on a plane with only a few people on it- curtsey of Alfred and his government. Arthur was snuggled up into a blanket with headphones on next to you fast asleep, his face was quite adorable all scrunched up in annoyance as if he had just bumped into Francis.
His bushy brows kept twitching every so often and the occasional sleepy slur would pass through his smooth lips as if he was grumbling to himself. You giggled quietly as he mumbled in his sleep
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 848 103
~Good Morning~ Awesome Trio x Reader

Awesome Trio - Alfred F. Jones, Gilbert Beilschmidt, Matthias Køhler

     It did not matter who was holding onto her so gently, who was in her kitchen, or who was heard singing. ___ just wanted to stay in bed and sleep the day away. She could not remember a single thing from the night before except picking up one beer after the other. The sunlight streaming into her windows was the only matter that forced her from her slumber. ___ let out a groan, ready to shove whomever was holding her off. Just as her (e/c) orbs opened, and she attempted to pry his arms away, he too let out a small groan. Instead of releasing her, his hold tightened.
     "Not yet, mein schatz,' he groaned, 'You're much too warm to get up."
     ___'s face went bright red, "Ugh, Gilbert, let me go, I'm not in the mood to just cuddle. I have a big headache,' she said, 'And someone's making too big of
:iconanomalykj:AnomalyKJ 178 24
nordics x reader ~A weird sport~
“Tic, tic, tic”
The sound of ticking sounded through the living room. Grunts of disapproval accompanied the ticking and an occasional ‘aha’. You were typing away on your laptop, trying to recover information for an essay. And the weird thing was, the essay was for P.E.
Yeah, your P.E. teacher actually gave you homework. And what did you have write about? A sport you had never heard of. So here you were, searching for ‘weird sports’.
“Octopush?” you raised a brow and clicked the link. Apparently it was underwater hockey.
“Not weird enough.” You sighed and went back to the previous page. “foot volley, beach handball, wheelchair basketball. I know of these. Ugh. Isn’t there anything interesting?” you mumbled.
“Ding dong.”
You looked at the time, 5p.m. “Who…?”
“Din-din-din-din-ding dong”
“I’M COMING!” you yelled at the person abusing your doorbell.
:iconlayla-mindora:layla-mindora 164 78
Sword Dance (Nordic 5 X Reader)
Warning: This story is a little eccentric, and the reader uses some magic. If you’re looking for something slightly different from your normal N5 romance fanfic, then read this story. Please don’t read if you’re biased against fantasy themes (or looking for a lemon). Thank You!
*Narrator POV*
“What’s this?” Tino asked himself when he reached his room.
There before him on the floor was a small envelope. On the square package were the words “Don’t open until you are all together”.
*Your POV*
You had been living with the Nordics ever since you graduated college a year ago. They were good guys, and cared for you a lot (Actually, it had been established that you pretty much loved them, and they loved you, despite the fact that you could not pick any of them). You mostly worked from home, so you were able to spend a lot of time with your country f
:icongreenrose45:GreenRose45 217 164
Nordics x Fem!Reader - Sibling Rivalry (Oneshot)
"You're useless! Why don't you just leave for ever. You can't do anything right. You're nothing without me. I saved your life. You're forever in my debt, _____," said the cruel ominous voice of your ex.
"No! NO!" You cried.
---Flashback-Dream Ends ---
You woke up with a start. It was the same recurring dream. The dream was in fact real but it was more of a memory than a dream.
You had been found unconscious on the street by the five men who found you.
They kindly took you with them to their house, treated your wounds and offered for you to stay with them.
You gladly accepted since you didn't want to have to worry about your ex.
You felt safe with these five men and secretly, you'd gotten to fall for the five men of which you'd come to live with.
Since you were still tired and also though it was almost 11am, you decided to go back to sleep.
Well, although you may have decided to go back to sleep, you were awoken rather rudely by a loud booming voice.
The voice that
:iconcahier-orange:Cahier-Orange 418 79


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Kitty Thing
Art by Tsitra09

I bought this little one and decided to upload them here so I wouldn't have to scrounge thru my favs to find the reference. I also plan on adding a bio at some point.
If you are interested in getting your own little thing please get one here.==>…


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