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Shoulder Girdle continued...

some extra random notes concerning the shoulder girdle's muscles and mass forms. This is medium level detail considering you could choose to draw every muscle fiber, but less is most often more. Sometimes just hinting at these forms is best, but to do that effectively you gotta know them pretty darn well. 

Enjoy! I believe the next tutorial will be about elbows and knees, b/c those are tough for a lot of folks. still, I NEED SUGGESTIONS! What do you wanna see? 

special thanks to  NovaCatTrueborn for saying that a more muscle focused tutorial would help. (See! I do listen to ur comments.)  
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B.D is bad at drawing shoulders. It might be help!
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Magnificent lesson ! oO
RoboRaptorYT's avatar
Thank you so mich dude, you helped me a lot!
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good. That's all i wanted with these :D 
Oh Gee O.O why didn't i find you like 2 months earlier :V ?! I'm gonna stalk you now. Best tutorials I've ever seen <3
Nova-MadArt's avatar
s'all good. Just happy to have you here. PPl always like my tutorials, but I hope u like the art too. 
fantastic work on a tricky set of spots.  thank you for making and sharing this!
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Very useful. Thanks!
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no problemo :). happy to be of help. 
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Oh my god I love you.
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thank you very much :D. You're sweet. What helped in the tutorial? 
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It's just nice finally finding backs laid out with so much detail. I'm not aiming for realistic, but I still want things to look correct, and it was so hard to try and figure out how the muscles worked so I could know where lines needed to be before this.
You have some of the most helpful tutorials I've ever seen
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Thank you :D. I tried my best to leave no filler. Well, except for some jokes here and there just to keep it interesting to read. 
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Ah, thank you so much! I always trip up on the girdle, so having it in various positions is very helpful.
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THat's good to hear. I hope you checked out part one of this tutorial. Both are good, but the first focusses more on the bones. 
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thanks. mad useful, this is.
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Nova provides. lol. 

Thanks for checking it out. 
Thanks. It's so hard to understand the neck for me somehow (especially when shoulders are pulled up and it is shortened), this helps!
Nova-MadArt's avatar
shrugging, eh?? I'll look into helping with that. 
Shrugging, but also in general pulled up shoulders (posture), and different angles. I found it hard to even understand what exactly the neck is, since there are so many different references, most people just have a I I neck and not so visible trapezius muscles (what's the plural of this? trapezii? :D) but most drawing references present them as overly visible, also many game models. I've been drawing some Uruks recently from Shadow of Mordor and their neck grows out of their chest in a very weird way, they have those huge trapezius muscles but the neck goes out to the front. Also difficult is what is under the head, under the chin, this area, how is this connected to the neck? 
Add foreshortening and you have lost me :D

Then I keep wondering: How can a neck be this long thing that sticks out, and from a different angle look weirdly embedded in the shoulder girdle so it doesn't stick out at all??
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alright, give me one week and I'll have it up. I'm just really busy these days with other projects, but this is a good subject. I'm going to tackle it. 
Oh that's cool! Thanks!
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