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Proper Leg Reference

Most say that hands are the hardest to draw. I have always found that legs were harder for me. Interestingly I think it is due to the fact that much less drama/emotion is communicated through them as opposed to the upper body and face. Legs are more utilitarian as opposed to a driver of character, but know that a power lifter's legs are different than those of a long distance runner, or a man who spends most of the day sitting. One should play with details like veins, hair, girth, length and emaciation

here I tried to cover the most common angles and focused primarily on legs with skin. Not all muscles protrude equally.

Hopefully this reference page finds you well,

Much Love!

Nemo Nova.  
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Your tutorials are very performance!!
Thank you~
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No problem. It's good that it worked for you. 
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No problem. I just made another tutorial here: Drawing Foots and Constructing Feets by NemoNova  let me know what you think. 
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Thank you for this! :)
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no problemo. It was my pleasure to make. 
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I find the "hands are hardest to draw" argument silly because you always have one free while you draw that you could reference at any point of time, or just find a mirror or a cheap webcam and take a couple of pics, it's a very solvable problem.

Legs, on the other hand... (pun not intended)... Eeech... Whole new can o' worms, especially if you don't have a full length mirror. Same goes for feet. That's not even taking anatomy into consideration. GAH, I say.
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Completely Gah. Good point on the hands. I'm going to do a tutorial on those next. 

What helped me the most with legs is when I started dabbling in 3D models. I could adjust the lighting and move the camera whatev way I wanted. The problem was that they weren't deforming properly when the knee bent, but life drawing and photo reference took care of that. 

*I hear the new DAZ models (V6 and M6) deform perfectly. Maybe I should try them out. 
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Funny that you mention it, I like using DAZ specifically for legs/feet reference. I'm just messing around with generic Genesis ones though, since they're all free and the reference they provide is solid enough to build upon. Kinda.

I was gonna complain how expensive V6/M6 are, but apparently... V6 one is free? WELL, THEN. *yoink*
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