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Hand Tutorial Notes

A lot of the basic notes on hands are here, but there is some advanced and unnoticed stuff too. I can't go over all the technical names of the human body, even though people have asked, because it's unnecessary and boring. Who cares those parts are called according to surgeons? What's important is knowing how to draw them. 

Try your best if you will to draw hands loosely. Keep the form in mind, start with malleable box-forms and build from there....

I don't know what tutorial to do next, but I think I'll actually create some art first.... I believe I am going to go back to sketch work for awhile and go from there.

Well, I hope this tutorial finds you well ---> PEACE! 

Links to other tutorials:
Proper Leg Reference by N3M0S1SShoulder Girdle continued... by N3M0S1SLots Of Arms for Reference. by N3M0S1SArm Construction Notes. by N3M0S1SShoulder Girdle Construction Notes by N3M0S1S
Building the Human Foot by N3M0S1S<da:thumb id="440626885"><da:thumb id="440946818"><da:thumb id="441343800"><da:thumb id="489982604">
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You bought me with this one. The rest of your gallery just didn't surprise me. Love your work, can't wait for more!! :D
-New Watcher And Stalker
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Awesome'O. Thanks for checking it out. What surprised you about this one and not the others? 
Eva0707's avatar
You're welcome! Well this was the first one I have seen from you and the whole thing together-explanation, drawings, tips etc. just match together so well that it kind caught my attention. After that I checked some other too, and it was quality on same level as of this one. So, yep, I guess that it was the first one that really left impact on me! ^^
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Most cool. I'm happy to hear it. 

--> I haven't posted much art on DA for awhile, but that's gonna end today. I start a new job doing some work for Nickelodeon on Tuesday, but before that takes over my life I figured I would take the time to post work from my old job. Stay tuned :D
Eva0707's avatar
Oh cool! Looking forward to that! :D
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Thank you for sharing this.
Nova-MadArt's avatar
No poblem. Sorry for the late reply. 
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great resource Clap  ....It will definitely come in handyBritney Spears Hahaha ....... sorry couldn't stop myself
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Hahaha. I know the feeling. It's hard sometimes. :)
D-Pyro's avatar
This tutorial is amazingly resourceful!!! 
yakkingyetis's avatar
thanks for sharing !!
Nova-MadArt's avatar
No problem. Thanks for taking the time to look at it. 
PaigeyPie98's avatar
this is beyond helpful. Thanks for making it!
Nova-MadArt's avatar
No problemo. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I think I still have to do a piece with a lot of different hand poses for reference. 
PaigeyPie98's avatar
That'd be great!
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Super useful! I will be coming back to this often
N-tellect-status's avatar
I love this gosh thank you so much <3 it helped a LOT. 
Nova-MadArt's avatar
sweet. I'm happy you found it. These tutorials seem to be helping so I'll keep making them. 
N-tellect-status's avatar
yesss please do

Your understanding of anatomy is literally the best thing ever; I'm so jealous! :'D
Frappe7's avatar
thank you so much, i realized human anatomy is really important to make drawings for hands especially more convincing or realistic
Very nice tutorials! I only wish I found them earlier :)
fivelmousekewitz's avatar
I find it much easier to draw the skeletal structure of the hand (or foot) and then fill it's harder work but I at least make hands and feet look more convincing
ailerozn's avatar
I absolutely love your tutorials! This was well worth the wait. :)
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