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HEADS UP: Drawing the Head from a low angle.

By Nova-MadArt
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Another tutorial for everyone here today. Someone asked me to handle this subject and make it easier. It took me a long long time to make this b/c I had 20 other projects on the go, but I am happy that it is finished now. 

Here is a link to the other tutorials:…

Tell me what you guys think. I believe people will find this helpful, but if it isn't.... well... TOUGH TITTIES b/c I'm giving it out for free anyway! 

--> Much Love :D 
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mlgrm's avatar
Very useful, thank you so much.
benltolte's avatar
Damn! This is one good tutorial. Thanks a lot!
Jacey-Chase's avatar
This is an AMAZING tutorial! I wish I had seen this before working on a recent piece. I struggled SO MUCH with the head angle. Thank you for taking the time to make this and sharing it! :)
Nova-MadArt's avatar
cool. That's always how it is when you think about it; you have to have the problem before you go looking for a way to fix it. With that, everything is happening as it should :)

After further study I find that the nose really is the key to it all.Once I do a person's nose I find it incredibly easy to relate the entire head to it and VOILA: a portrait. Tho this incite may work just for me. No idea. 
Jacey-Chase's avatar
That's a really good tip about the nose! I actually saw your tutorial linked on the Artist Alley Network International group on FB. Literally a week after I finished the piece. Lol go figure!
Nova-MadArt's avatar
I'm not aware of that group. Could you send me the link, please? 
Jacey-Chase's avatar
Sure! A link was posted in the comments to someone struggling with this head angle, but I don't know where the exact post is anymore. But this is the group:…
NichSzanProductions's avatar
Okay, I really need to keep a mind on this.
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Nah. none of it is important, I assure u. lol
NichSzanProductions's avatar
I need to practice a little more on heads, so yeah, this is actually pretty important. Atleast for me-
Nova-MadArt's avatar
I know, I'm just messing around :)
S0LS1S's avatar
I did not necessarily come looking for this, but I am very glad I found it. Helpful advice, especially the one about expanding the shapes of faces you allow yourself to draw. I am just now pushing myself into more diverse shapes and I know I have a lot more to practice in before I can truly say every face is 'unique' to a character but it's something I am striving for. Definitely going to take a look through the rest of your gallery. This was very helpful thank you :)
Nova-MadArt's avatar
No problem. I'm glad you're one of the people who like that part about changing the head shapes and playing with the form. I'm seeing that that section bothers some traditionalists. Ah well. 

--THanks for checking my stuff out :D
RevelingRexan's avatar
Wow! Thanks for this tutorial! I thought you might want to know: I found this on Pinterest, and it has 23,900+ repins! I've been having trouble with a head tilted upward in a drawing, so I hope this will help out a bit. Thanks so much for making your tutorials!! :D
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Hey! Thanks for the comment. I've seen my tutorials on tumblr before, but I didn't know they made their way to Pinterest as well.
That's pretty cool :D I can only hope that there is a link to one of my profile pages accompanying it. 

I'm very happy every time someone tells me the tutorials are working out for them-- Let me know if they work out for you, and anything I could have made more clear. 

FellFallow's avatar
This is awesome! I struggle a lot with human anatomy. 
SyazzzOneniy's avatar
Welp, I dunno if I'm actually looking for art tutorial or biology graphic info lol. This is helping too~
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Cool! I'm happy to hear it :) 
Imdraproc's avatar
Great work with the angles, and the box-idea is a jolly good one. Good pointers on the nose going than the eyes in perspective.
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Thank you :D! That last part was something I felt really needed to be said. I'm really happy this tutorial made things simpler. 
CatRazCat's avatar
Freaking FINALLY! Thank you for making one of these! Drawing from a low angle has been my number one struggle! 
Nova-MadArt's avatar
No problem. Thanks for commenting. Funny thing is that I used to struggle with it until I made this tutorial too. hahaha
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