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Building the Human Foot

We are starting from the bottom... literally. Here is the amalgam of shapes I have in my head when I draw feet. Notice how heavily structured it begins and loosens as it goes. Just because we focus on structure and volume does not mean we lose the gesture.

Feet may have trouble expressing emotions, but they can express speed, stability, frailty, direction, and force.   
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So simple, very helpful :D
ejpanda08's avatar
Man your anatomy is awesome. Great and really really helpful tutorials. Kudos.
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Took a long time to learn it all, but it seems to be sticking with me. Thank you :D
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
holy shit this is great
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Thank you. There is actually an updated version here: Drawing Foots and Constructing Feets by NemoNova . I hope you like this one. It's got all the info here + a lot more. 
Power-of-Passion's avatar
you caught little details that some others havent in their tutorials, and the way you construct the foot, the way you draw it is helpful and accurate in itself. great job
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Thank you very much. Sorry for the late reply. I was working a horrible schedule and this is the first chance I got. I figured a foot tutorial would be pretty useful, but probably a shoe or boot tutorial would be better. That's something I should be working on shortly. 
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Perfect tutorial!!
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Feet are easy to draw once you keep the basic shapes in mind. 
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These are incredible (these meaning your entire anatomy series thus far).  Thank you so much for these -- I look forward to more.  
Nova-MadArt's avatar
thanks. I appreciate it :)
darquepinkpaper's avatar
This is great! It's short but it's very good information and very nice examples. :)
Nova-MadArt's avatar
good point. My next one will have a lot more information. 
darquepinkpaper's avatar
Honestly I thought this tutorial had plenty! I saw your new ones and they're just WONDERFUL. So much great information that there aren't enough resources for. Thank you for all of these. :)
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