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Arm Construction Notes.

Sorry for taking soooo long to do this tutorial, but I assure you I was working hard. In fact, I am now doing murals for the Toronto District School board! WhOOOO. It is official ppl: I have gone pro. This is a several thousand dollar paying job with the opportunity for more work if it all goes well. 

I hope this tutorial serves everyone who views it well. Please take the time to download it and tell me what you think. I luv u all. 
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very useful, thank you.
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no problemo. Thanks for checking it out :).
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I found this on Pinterest and am quite pleased with how in depth this is. It's much appreciated.
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Thanks a lot! That was very detailed and extremely useful!
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This is very helpful, Thank you! But are the epicondyles on the humerus really at an angle? They certainly look like it when you flex your foream, but I can't seem to find any medial evidence. 
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Very Helpful, Thanks for making!
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Lovely and thorough tutorial... I am certainly going to add this to my tutorials for reference and help refining my human figures.  :D  Thank you!
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Thanks for sharing
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Not a problem. Happy to help. 
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I hate the arm!
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at this point for me it's even easier to draw than the face. I still struggle with uncommon hand poses.  
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You are my savior. Thank you for the tutorial!!!
Nova-MadArt's avatar
Not a problem. Thanks for taking the time to look. 
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You stuff is very useful. Thanks a lot :)
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No problem. I just finished a tutorial for the hands too. Check it out when you can :D
Hand Tutorial Notes by N3M0S1S
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Awesome tutorial! Thank you. :D
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Thank you for this tutorial! 
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Not a problem. Happy to help. 
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Hahaha, cool. I don't know if it's true, but it's really nice to hear. Thanks :)
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Just wanted to say, thank you for your anatomy references!!
I've looked at a lot of different resources to study anatomy, but your tutorials are by far my favourites. I love how you give attention to muscle structure and particularly movement not just from a biological, but artistic point of view and your use of clean, schematic drawings. Also, I think you explain everything clearly, and your tutorials look very organized with good use of text boxes, notes, arrows and the like. And they're typo-free (as far as I can tell). Clearly, you're putting a lot of effort into sharing your knowledge with others, so again, thanks for that! 

And of course, congratulations on the getting that job! I bet Toronto will look all the prettier with your murals up there ;)
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