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Published: August 1, 2018
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Name: Nova Lee Redcloud
Age: 26
Ethnicity: 100% Native American (some mixed tribes, Most of her family resides in local reservations, but her name and lineage reaches to Lakota and Hopi ancestors)
Birth Place: Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
Current Home: Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
Languages: English
Accent: Modern American, some south-western tongue. 

Height: 5’ 11" 
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Naturally Dark Brown almost Black
Skin Color: Tan
Build: Average, Muscular, Tall

Preferred Hair Style: Long, natural. 
Preferred Clothing Style: The badass kind that wears two types of denim in one outfit. 
Make Up? some, likes her lip-gloss
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship?: Single

Nova is a confident woman who never sees any obstacle as being in her way. She has a longing for companionship, and this proves her only weakness. She will do anything for a friend.

Nova was searching for a way off of the reservation. Her family had lines mostly leading back to the Pueblos tribes but a bit of Lakota and Hopi have been tracked was peppered in her family tree, which is the origin of her names – Nova being a modern Hopi call-name and Redcloud is a family name that was adopted after her great great grandfather Chief Redcloud , although it is a bit untraditional to use this as a surname, her family in general has become a bit dissaloutioned with their mixed roots. Now in her desperate escape of her current life she decided she needed a new route to take in her life journey. One day upon opening the local paper she found an ad for a roommate wanted. The ad mentioned a ranch of sorts and horses! How she adored those beautiful creatures. She had ridden with friends since she was younger, her father even owned one for a short time and a local riding school gave her free lessons when she helped muck stalls – she even got to show a little. But she had never been able to find the means to have one of her own. Upon inquiring she was told by the woman who apparently had put out the ad that a few others had called and she would have to wait to visit. But once she did she was in heaven, the small friendly girl who was living there was very agreeable and easy get along with. The deal was sealed and Nova moved in, the girls have been best of friend ever since! 
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Vyctorian Digital Artist
I adore this outfit design, it's so fun!~
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The outfit on the right is very sexy!
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Very nice OC, like her background story and love her style specially her legwarmers :D
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Sounds like you read about Nova's background as gotta ask what do you like about Nova? Yes I am very proud of designing those leg warmers.. :heart: Left you a comment on your profile..
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After reading her profile I have to say it's a interesting read.
What I like about it is that most Native Americans I heard of
don't want to branch out and start a life of there own, they
usually want to stay with family and stay with there tribes
but Nova Lee sounds like she's adventures, fun, good sense
of fashion but of her own style and somewhat heard that
some of there families aren't very thrilled about there
sexual tendency but if Nova Lee isn't afraid to say it then
she's not afraid at all. And also a very well done background
research into the tribe origin for her origin :clap:, it's nice to
meet someone who goes in-depth for her OC origin, it puts
some heart and soul into the character which I know from
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MetalBeowulf89Hobbyist General Artist
How I love a tough biker chick :heart:
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Nice to hear you love tough girls like me.. :heart: Found my other comment as I left something special for you?
MetalBeowulf89's avatar
MetalBeowulf89Hobbyist General Artist
What can I say, it's a weakness of mine :D I did see, thanks very much for sharing!
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jameycakeshottyHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome design
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Which outfit design you like more and why? Gotta hear! :la:
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jameycakeshottyHobbyist Digital Artist
I like both of them, but the first one, is more imaginative. I love the design on her leg warmers.
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
At that case check your notes... Send you something you love... :heart: I so agree I dig those leg warmers.. :D
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jameycakeshottyHobbyist Digital Artist
Checked! :dummy:
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
PS Do you use Discord?
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jameycakeshottyHobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes. What I do on DA is separate from the rest xof my social medias for obvious reasons lol
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Noted you my Discord... 
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So if someone sats if you want to have a friend you should get tied up, would she do that?
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Maybe............. Depends on the person and situation.... But I will tell you more about if you find my other pics.... Do you use Discord?
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No sorry I do not use Discord
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NuciComsProfessional Digital Artist

I like the set up for the little roomie story! (It's neat to see her roomie that is so shy have such an outgoing appearance -- I've actually 'coped' in a similar fashion during my stage of overcoming shyness.)

Nova herself is interesting. I love her jeans design!

Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Yes Nova is looking for new friends, which of your OCs do you picture would get along with Nova most? :jean: Which of your OC wears a similar fashion to Nova, or talking about yourself? :heart: Please tell me what do you find interesting about Nova... :heart: I love to hear as I am very welcome to opinions and criticism to help improve my OC.... I am very proud of her jean design but love to ask which outfit do you like more and why?  
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TomboyJessie13Hobbyist General Artist
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