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August 14, 2009
Social Media Bookmark Icon + by ~nouveller A beautiful set of icons & buttons, very useful!
Featured by JJ-Ying
Suggested by mushir
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Social Media Bookmark Icon +

UPDATED: 30 July 2010

Download the icons from here [link]

Hate or love social media sites, they do bring you visitors to your site and the best way to do that is to show them what websites you are supporting. So I’ve designed the first 14 social media bookmark icons that you can download and use wherever you like, for free as well!

What’s the ‘+’ for? The ever growing icon set!

As everyone has their preferred network sites it’s hard to cover all bases, so this icon set has the ability to grow into the complete social bookmarking set, but only with your help. Here’s how you can help.

* First, download the icon set.
* Next leave a comment stating what social sites you’d like to see in the set
* Your email will then be added to the ’Social Media Bookmark Icon +’ subscription list.
* Then once a user suggested icon is complete, it will become available on the site and you will be notified.

If you wish to un-subsribe please send an email to to me with ‘un-subscribe icon’ in the subject.

What you get when you download the pack today

* Twitter
* Facebook
* YouTube
* Flickr
* Delicious
* Digg
* lastFm
* StumbleUpon
* TwitPic
* WordPress
* Vimeo
* PlayStation
* Spotify
* Added 15.06.2009
* Tumblr
* Piano
* Added 14.07.2009
* MySpace
* LinkedIn
* Social Vibe
* Added 27.07.2009
* Blogger
* Technorati
* DeviantART
* 16px icons and buttons added 01.08.2009
* Added 10.08.2009
* Behance
* Design Float
* Live Journal
* MegaVideo
* Reddit
* Added 05.01.2010
* Audioboo
* Ember
* Skype
* FriendFeed
* Hyves
* Yahoo!
* Bebo
* TypePad
* Xing
* Grooveshark
* CreativeCommons
* Steam
* DailyBooth
* Lockerz
* Google
* Email
* Added 30.07.2010
* Buzz
* Dribbble
* Dopplr
* Forrst
* Gowalla
* Playfire
* Soundcloud
* Wakoopa

Download the icons from here [link]
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Endlesshunter's avatar
Is this not available now? I went to the site but it says the download file is no longer available
Mssilvs's avatar
Link is dead.
UberPrime's avatar
There seem to be a problem that I, at least, encounter. when I try to download it, it gives me a 404 error message and brought up something can't to explain :-? (Confused) , any reason this is happening. :-? (Confused) 
Jill-Psycho-X's avatar
Please fix links  
reafu-fu's avatar
The download link is broken!
DamnSally's avatar
narendraacs's avatar
This link is dead. Please re-upload
sw1nx's avatar
Link is broken :/
angiewaiwai's avatar
Woh.. It is very useful and I really need it,
This is awesome and thanks so much for your help
ExoticJackal's avatar
I've used your icons on my tumblr page. :3 Thank you very much.
RainHippie's avatar
Formspring??? maybe?
RainHippie's avatar
Thank you sweets! made my life so easy!
FluffyAri's avatar
Yay! Someone who finally has a Steam icon! :heart:
caramel-dixon's avatar
Can you add a button please? Thank you. c:
reafu-fu's avatar
Could you make a Storenvy icon in the future? Thanks!
ProjektPoet's avatar
Amazing set. I know you have a google icon, but is it possible to get an icon with the google+ logo on it?
RaymondGD's avatar
hi :)
I used your icons for me website design: [link]
your icons is awesome! tnx you very much! :)
lohkk's avatar
Fictionpress please!
The-Tiger-Thief's avatar
Sweet! These look awesome :D
csselement's avatar
These are clean!
Electro-Husky's avatar
So, just to make sure. Can I use these on my website which I have ads on? I'll put credit in the source code.
colonoscarpeay's avatar
These look fantastic!
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