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It was beautiful by nouseyourname It was beautiful :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 2 3 Persona 2077 by nouseyourname Persona 2077 :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 0 0 Say kids will you stand for Chirst And Combat by nouseyourname Say kids will you stand for Chirst And Combat :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 1 0 meme by nouseyourname meme :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 3 2 Fake History Meme by nouseyourname Fake History Meme :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 2 0 LiaAqila by nouseyourname LiaAqila :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 3 6 Royal prank war by nouseyourname Royal prank war :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 2 0 Family Blast but by nouseyourname Family Blast but :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 1 0 Rip Net Neutrality by nouseyourname Rip Net Neutrality :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 0 1
Net Neutrality
Normally, I want to divorce my fan fics from politics as much as I can.
But for this case, I will make an exception.
TL;DR on why it's important (contains cursing) If you are in the US please call these people.
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Rapunzel by nouseyourname Rapunzel :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 2 2
Nightmare Night bonus
"Look, sister—a bowl full of candy!" said a dark blue alicorn in a pink tutu.
"Strangely, it’s unguarded" said a white alicorn in a chicken suit.
As they approached the candy bowl they saw a strange note which read Warning, this candy bowl is protected by a dragon! Take the candy at your own peril!
The blue alicorn approached the candy bowl and took two pieces of candy, foolishly ignoring the warning.
Just then, a massive red dragon popped out of the bushes and attacked the duo with his sticky-string breath!
"Let’s get out of here, Luna!" shouted the chicken princess alicorn.
"I’m right behind you, Celestia!" responded Luna, the ballerina princess.
After the escape, they retreated into the streets of Ponyville. In the background, there were giggles of delight and the sounds of pies being thrown in the distance.
"Uck, I’m going to need a—what do you call it—a spa day? Sister?" asked Luna, pulling at some of the sticky sting in her mane.
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Happy nightmare night! by nouseyourname Happy nightmare night! :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 3 2
A Very Clucky Nightmare Night
Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash spend there Nightmare night in chicken suits and end up in a pie fight with each other for them to both control a mountain of candy.
Reviewed by FamousLastWords here
Optimistic Neighsayer, ideas
Tranquil Night, editing
Red4567-2, cover art
A not so spooky adventure
"You ready up there, Scoots?" a cyan pegasus pony called upstairs.
"Almost ready, Dash. I just need to get my beak on." responded an orange pegasus pony, almost fully costumed.
"Tonight is going to be the best Nightmare Night ever! I get to spend it with the best sister ever", Scootaloo thought to herself as she stared in the mirror. The orange pony was wearing a yellow chick suit and just finished getting her beak on.
"You know, when Apple bloom joked about
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Look what I found by nouseyourname Look what I found :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 0 0 I made this in 15 minutes by nouseyourname I made this in 15 minutes :iconnouseyourname:nouseyourname 1 5


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Pony and not pony stuff that I think is cool.


Spoilers for  Parental Glideance! If you haven't watched it stop reading this!

Ok, so let's get started!

Scootaloo needs to get to cloudsdale for a report on her hero.

Her way of getting up there?…
I got to say, this was Scootaloo's most daring and silly stunt to date.
A cartoonishly large slingshot  flinging her off to Cloudsdale was silly and cute.…
"Nailed it!"

Most underrated part of the epsode. After a while, I will be using it as an avatar.

Next part of the episode, is pure cutealoo.……

I love that cute adorkable small horse.

Anyway, after that she brings them to to the wonderbolts, they act a little too supportive, but her yelling at her parents was a bit harsh.

I have been having a problem with the morals with the show as of late.

I mean, I know where they are coming from but still Rainbow was in her right to be mad at them for interrupting her work.

If she just told them in a more polite way,  then they wouldn't have broken into tears and everything would be fine.

Anyway, they makeup, and the rest of the show is pure cute.

But while they were making up, Scootaloo said she doesn't have much parental support at home. We will get to that later.…

Makeup hugs!

Then it was time for the report. She got a B.

Remember how she said she doesn't have much parental support at home?……
Now she has lots of it.…
"Hazza! The Scootalove has been tripled!"

Rainbow's Family has "adopted" (beacuse I still believe she has parents) Scootaloo into their family, and it's clear that they really like Scootaloo.…
(RD's Mom made her that food)…

RD's mom noggies her kinda like how her daughter noogies her.…

So, what do I think?

I'd call this episode "Sleepless in Ponyville 2.0"

But, it's not as good as Sleepless in Ponyville beacuse they sort of messed up the moral and RD and Scootaloo becoming sisters had a bigger impact than RD's Family "Adopting" Scootaloo into there family.

[joke] Also, no Luna. 0/10 worst epsode ever.  :P[/joke]

But seriously, it was still one of my favorite episodes of the show. 9/10



Artist | Student | Digital Art
I made this account just to talk with someone. But now I also doodle some crap sometimes.

Scootaloo is best pony/cmc/chicken/dog.

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