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don't seem to be using da much these days but im gonna try and get back into it a bit.  changing accounts to b84 to freshen things up a bit.  so update ya dev watches if you feel like abusing your eyes some more.  may post some links to some mixtapes ive made too so your ears don't feel left out.

  • Listening to: Le Knight Club - Rhumba
  • Reading: what im typing now
  • Watching: pickup artist/boston legal
  • Playing: team fortress 2 - amazing art in this game
  • Eating: noodles
  • Drinking: beer
Going to Good vibrations music festival this weekend.  should be awesome!

looking forward to seeing

Beastie Boys
Timo Maas
Sneaky Sound System
Cut Copy
Van She

Cant wait!
  • Listening to: BangGang Podcast 15 - Ajax Dance Til Dawn Mi
  • Reading: blogs
  • Watching: weeds tv series
  • Playing: gears of war / quake 3
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: beer
saw MSTRKRFT on sunday evening / monday morning.  god damn amazing. from what i remember any way :excited:  :pills:.  out of control night!!
bad news:
Death From Above 1979 split!  only heard the news today.  :disbelief: :( .................

better news:
Probably going to see MSTRKRFT in october, which will be the closest thing to seeing dfa1979 i'll get now.
booked my ticket for - cant wait!

Going to see gerling in brisvegas in a couple of weeks should also be good.
Will be deleting some of my old work. After looking at some of my older work it looks well how do you put it?  old and crappy.
way too hot atm.
I will be updating my wallpapers with links in the description so that people with the blank.png problem are able to save them.    Let me know if theres any i missed that you want.

The blank.png problem is an issue with DA and Internet Explorer.  My suggestion for a good fix is to download and start using Mozilla Firefox.  It can be found here….
I just got a new 19' LCD monitor and a 6600gt... Yay!
yesterday ouch!
Just got myself an upgrade :) so i probably wont have much motivation for doing much art for a while as i will be too busy playing games and stuff in the spare time i have.  Once the novelty wears off ill be back into it though.

what i was using
P3 550Mhz 384mb RAM geforce2mx440 64mb 20Gb HD 5400rpm

Now what im using:
P4 2.8Ghz 800Mhz FSB HT,  512mb TwinX corsair low latency DDR RAM, Radeon 9200(borrowing of friend till i can afford my own 9800), 120Gb SATA HD

[edit] overclocked now running at 3.2Ghz

more upgrades on the way when i can afford it eg. lcd monitor 9800 as i mentioned before maybe some more ram.

umm... I was going to say somthing else but i cant remember.

oh yeah had a wicked time last sunday.  It was a public holiday monday so it was all on at fishos.  Had a blinder of an afternoon/night  sooo many people there dont remember too much so it must have been good. lol.  going to try and have a break from going out for a while after that effort. recover and save a bit of cash.  But i think my mates want me to go out tomorrow night.  Have to see whether im up to it tomorrow.
I think i need to make a new avatar pic. wouldnt have a clue what to do though...

dissapointed we have just had 3 long weekends in a row and now this weekend is going to be a normal one.  I wont be able to go for the good old sunday session drinking at fisho's :(
i figure i should probably write somthing in here as i havent in ages.  i have just started vector art not long ago and i think ive finaly got the hang of it.  Although im sure theres heaps more to learn out there. any advice would be great. Too tired to write much more. I've got work tomorrow im off to bed.
hadnt been on in a while cos i havent had the net. but im back so i made a new icon and submitted my stuff. not as much stuff as i would have liked to submit though. i just dont have enough time cos i got me a full time job now any ways. im off
w00t! i have over 1000 page views
Just noticed my age was still on 18 better update it. i turned 19 about a bit over a month ago. im getting old :( hehe