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March 17, 2016
[Stock & Resources] Hair Tutorial 2.0 by Nouraii teaches artists how to paint a beautiful and glossy shine on hair that will be incredibly useful. 
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Hair Tutorial 2.0


Edit: looks like this got a DD! Thank you lovely people! :iconohyouplz:

Download for a bigger version!

This is a tutorial of how I basically color the hair. I triedr to make the steps understandable..I hope they're. I didn't explain light source or even choose one as I am not the best at it and it shouldn't be taken from this that light source isn't important. There are better artists out there that you can learn that from. This is just how I do hair.

I want to add a note on the last step: I air brush with cold color for warm colors, and warm colors for cold color. That's why I used blue on that step.

Feel free to request tutorials from me on this poll:…
I did make a chibi tutorial, but I need to make it less messy and confusing. I'll post it in a week or two.

I have another hair tutorial, a simple one:
Hair Tutorial by Nouraii 

other works:
:Rp: starsuchi by Nouraii Valentine-2016 by Nouraii Glasses by Nouraii 
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Thanks for the tutorial.

Thank you for the amazing tutorial!! If I want to color illust like you, what kind programs do I have to use because I'm really new to digital art, and needs expert's advice and guidance ^^!! Thank you~
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Thanks for the tutorial! I enjoy shading it! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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im wondering if there is any possible way to do this on medibang . im currently trying to find a brush for it because its amazing style of shadeing
Cinnarmon's avatar
thank you this is really helpful!Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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I used your guide to help me draw the hair on my pony drawing if that is alright with you > m <
Here is the result.
My Little Flower by RocknSweets
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It is alright, of course!
HouTakoyaki's avatar
Like your tutorial!!!! :D
NekoSerenity's avatar
Love, love, LOVE all your tutorials. Thank you <3
bakasacchan's avatar
woa !!! i love it thanks you so much >''< 
CaramelCooki's avatar
This is so helpful <3 
DissertFetish's avatar
will you do a skin tutorial?
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I don't know. I'll think about it.
rosex3's avatar
thankssssss glad you made another one, it took me a minute to understand but its pretty straight foward now that i get it
Sofiia-C's avatar
Hey, in step two, do you mean this tool?
Because it doesn't work
Nouraii's avatar
It works for me. The settings are probably different. But it's not that important. The most important part of this tutorial is the Ol Water brush that I use for blending. Other than that, any brush would work.
Sofiia-C's avatar
What are your settings for water 10 brush?
Btw, in step 7, How do you duplicate the layer? And in step 8, when you add strands I must create a layer above the layer lineart, but it needs to select the option clipping group? Because if I do everything disappears and if I do not do it, I can't draw outside the lineart :/
Nouraii's avatar
Color blending: 50
Opacity mix: 50
Persistence: 70

Layer>Duplicate layer

I didn't say select clipping group. Just make a new layer above all layers and add strands.
Sofiia-C's avatar
Now it works, thanks! ^.^

Oooh I thought you meant to create a new layer above the lineart layer, not above all layers XD
Thanks! :D
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What is the water 10 brush?
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It's a brush in Paint Tool SAI. It is shown in the screenshot in the tutorial.
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