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Chibi Types Guide


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Finally finished this guide/tutorial! Britney Spears Crying  I've been wanting to make this for over a year. I just finished it, so there might be some spelling or grammar mistakes. Let me know if you find any and I'll fix it. I struggled with the names, but oh well.

I hope this is clear enough. I tried to make use of my experience to make this for whomever is new to chibis or trying to find their own style. This guide came from seeing (and practicing) many many chibis for so many years. It is not based on one artist or one work. I consider these types 'basics' and the artists add their own touch to them. The common combos means the commonly drawn chibis. I mostly use the 2nd combo! 0/ (all the examples are drawn by me btw if that's not clear)

I was too lazy to add chibi height (and it is not that important anyway), but it's something like this: 2 to 9 heads - MY LIKES ABOUT ANIME ANATOMY by rika-dono ('till 5 heads)

I hope this is of any use to anyone!

Commissions open:
Paypal | Points Commission [open]Commissions NAVIGATION:

1. Payment & How To Order
2. Terms & Conditions
3. Simple Chibi4. Baby Chibi
5. Detailed Chibi
6. Thigh-up
7. Full-body
1. Payment & How To Order:
Payment will be up-front.Paypal or points through commissions widget are accepted.With Paypal:    choose 'pay for goods or services', select click "No shipping required". See this guideI will start working on the commission after receiving full payment.Order by sending me a note titles 'commission' or the like.Be specific about what you want.Provide refs of the characte

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this really helped!

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hello you're here as well- :'00
I am quick ^^ :,3 hope you’re ok ^^
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Thanks for the guide.

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very interessting and helpful :squee: thx for share :la::la:
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OOohh wonderful! <3333
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XD when my mouse hovered over this submition, your profile pic covered one of the chibi pictures at the bottem ;D
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THis is like the BEST tutorial ever 
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I just wanted to say thanks! This really helped me with finding my own style. I was able to mix and match attributes I really liked to make my own style. Couldn't have done it without your help! Heart 
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No problem! <3 I'm really glad it helped. 
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Wow thanks for this I've been looking everywhere for something like this . I'm trying to decide on a chibi style so I can stay consistent and this helps me pick out what I like more. 
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I'm glad it helps! (:
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for something as simple as chibis, i have a lot of trouble with them, so this tutorial is so helpful!! thanks for posting this :D
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Woow!! Nice tutorial. Thanks for share :worships2: 
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This is so helpful for a beginner like me!!! Thanks!!!! :D
Very helpful.Tenma Tsukamoto (Sho happy) [V1] 
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Thanks for tutorial ^^! 
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Very usefull tutorial!!! Thanks for this!
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