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Nifflas' Knytt Underground Steam trading Cards

By nounouille
You Guys. I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY I got the chance to work for Nifflas, who's one of my TOP favorite indie game developers. I've been admiring his games for over 5 years now, and he just released his Knytt Underground on steam ! Please check out the game on steam HERE  (… )So I illustrated 6 steam trading cards for him, and here is a preview of the first 3. Please play the game to find the other 3 : )
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I am fascinated by Knytt for about 15 years. I just found this picture, which is the closest picture of the universe of Knytt and Juni appearance to what I had in mind. This work is so fresh and so cute.

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I finally got to buy Knytt Underground and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Your card illustrations were a lovely and beautiful addition to an already beautiful game and a delightful surprise to find.

This particular one is my favorite of the set. It's got some excellent atmospheric colors, interesting body language on Juni and a background that really looks like what the Knytt world would look like if it wasn't 2D.
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oh thanks a lot ! I'm really glad you appreciated : D

yeah thats really what I tried to bring with these illustrations, I'm glad you could see it :)
thanks again i'm super glad !!!
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Hmm.. lovely looking game, compatible with my Linux system, commissioned proper art from artists for their Steam Cards.. I'll have to check this out.

.. and the fact that I like the look of this girl, and want to figure out what the story is behind her may be a motivation as well.. at $10 it's not too big a deal of a game to pay for.
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yeah and it's a **HUGE** game ! with lots of secret passages and yeah, the coder behind this game is fantastic. you definitly should get it whenever you can, it's really worth it ! : )
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I have now purchased it while it was on discount.. also Shadowrun Returns, because it looks cool as shit, its setting is sci-fi meets fantasy, and is based in one of the less covered genres in gaming.. it's also over half off, making it a large RPG game sold for a very reasonable price..

So I'm gonna be playing that soon I suppose.
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hehehe awesome !!!!!!

I dont know shadowrun returns, aw man i wish I had a lot more time to play games ; o ;
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Badass! I played the original Knytt back in the day and I'll be getting this for sure now. :D
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yaaaaayyy !!! so glad ! : D 
actually nifflas told me (and showed me) there are TONS of easters eggs and secret passages in knytt underground ! it's a heavy game that looks actually really simple, but has tons of gameplay hours for you to enjoy ! : D
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oh man do i love this
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awww thank you so muchhhh ::: DD
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thanks buddy ::: DDD
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Woohoo! Congratulatioons~~ *-*
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thank youuuu ~~~~  ^  o  ^
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that's awesome!     very happy for you. 
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hey thanks ! whats up tim ? been awhile, i hope you're doing good buddy : )
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