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Our normal cats..

Our cats are very normal and intelligent pets, especially Java...

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What a delightful pairing.  
Yuhaehan's avatar
Ones fluffly one has no fur
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OMG! Sphynx! I have wanted one of thouse since like always!
They are both very cute.
But Sphynxes and Rex have always had a special place in my heart. Sadly they are expensive and I am poor...
Omg the cuteness! *Dies*
Patriot1776's avatar
Can't...stop...watching!! :XD: This is too hilarious! xD
kiki-doodle's avatar
awww, I wish my fluffy cat would let our sphynx cuddle. They're frenemies and the fluffy one just growls and runs away.
emilyonthehunt's avatar
Hahahah, too much! I can't take the cuteness XD
Taravia's avatar
My god they´re so cuteee:iconherpderpplz:
W3LTERW8's avatar
LOL! Like what my cat does when she bites me... I'm a terrible mommy oh my god D:
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Oh what a silly kitty! ^^ this made me laugh :)
...This reminds me of two of our older dogs. Merrick was bigger and CALM (and a super fluffy sheltie), while Sally was a puppy trim EXITED poodle...
She would often flop against him just like this, and Merrick would just sit ther, watching with a long-suffering 'Well, if you must' air.
This made my day, thanks^^
Camikaze's avatar
haha i like it!

i like your paintings :)
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Magpieb0nes's avatar
"I must have hairballs of mah own!" *nahm nahmnahmflail* Too funny : D
ZipZap1313's avatar
This is just to adorable :love:'s!
Meruka7's avatar
I have loved to hear what kind of sounds Java was doing XDD. It's so funny and cute x3.
Blue-Cat00's avatar
Loool the "naked" cat is possessed and the fat one is like "dude, wtf cat?" XD
DemonicGothBinx's avatar
I'm going to Fav this just because Rosso's "the hell you doing?" face is hilarious and Java kicking himself in the face is well, cute.
Kidrylm-writer's avatar
XD Why hasn't this gotten a DD yet???
Summerson's avatar
That big guy didnt even get what's happening)
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