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Whoah it's finally done. Feels like it took me ages since it's been lying around for months without me working on it.

As you can see this one's very John Baurer inspired again, am I a fan or what? :D
One of the useful things I learned from this one is the construction of a pair of moose antlers, those were hard at first!

I really hope you guys like it, and one last thing: never trust a moose.

Painted in Photoshop with both a wacom Intous2 and a wacom cintiq 12wx.

I also stumbled upon this wonderful piece by :iconskia::

I think it's such a cool coincidence that we actually thought of the same theme so I just had to feature her piece here as well :D Also, she's a fantastic artist, so please do stop by at her gallery too if you haven't done that yet :)


Now available as PRINT in my Art Store! [link]
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Wonderful work! It's quirky, and whimsical and I just can't get enough! Your characters here are very well painted and given are great personality. It almost seems sad that such a cute derpy moose could be hiding such a truly monstrous visage (and possible appetite!). The look on that wolfs face in the second panel , though adorable from beginning to end, is absolutely priceless! I enjoy the simple scenery, helping the moose to definitively pop. The wolf, on the other hand, seems to fall back. He (or she) has just enough to be seen, but not quite as the moose. Once again, great work and wonderfully done!
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Thank you so much for your kind words and taking time to give some constructive critisism on my Mooster-piece. It's very appreciated and I'm glad you liked it! :)
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haha my-my how that tables have turned XD
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It's absolutely one of my favourites arts on DA! <3
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Ooohh... nice one.
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Wolf: *being smug* 
Moose: Hmm? Oh hello there! 
Wolf: *gulp* 

I love it so much! XD
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it's just perfect XD
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Ha ha ha ha ha! Helt underbart! :D
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i´m enthused :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  Andrea,  you conjure a very big smile on my face in this rainy day´s.
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Bwahahaha! Aweseome! :D
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Lol nice on this, I like the eyes. 
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Great and hilarious!!!
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love the concept and the expressions!
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It's absolutely brilliant! The face expression of the wolf really made me laugh :D And this dark forest...
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....Oh! That is terrifying!
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Lol this is great! Made me laugh a few times! The wolf's expression is priceless!
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i love it, so cool :)
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Moose is taking it into another level :I
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Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME!  The wolf's expression in the bottom picture is hilarious.  
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