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Commission for SuperSpoe

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Hey look, another overweight non worker. Time to get a job and get big tips

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It must be spinach powered somehow. It makes me think of the spinach transform in Popeye cartoons from the old days. :)

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Nice a bbw to model transformation

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If only that were real.

Honestly, all joking aside, they need to do some serious research into more efficient methods of weight loss.

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I really like the skeloton gag in this. (And just to let you know it says 'met' instead of 'melt' in the first panel.)

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Even made her a blonde, too! :D

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Can I volunteer to test this technology?!

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From a technical standpoint, I can see this requiring some fascinating processes.

First, of course, is reducing the body's overall fat-content; 'reducing', rather than 'eliminating'. (Them ta-tas ain't made o' muscle, after all.) Human bodies do need a certain amount of fat to be healthy, females moreso than males but only by a relatively small amount.

Second is shrinking the skin, with a bonus detail of eliminating the stretch-marks produced by the initial weight-gain.

Next up would likely be a lot of 'internal repairs' to every organ, as well as the connective and cushioning tissues.

How? "Magic", of course, but what would that mean?

Personally, I can easily imagine the excess fat (and possibly the excess skin, as well) getting converted into a LOT of energy, which could then be used to fuel the rest of the process.

The tricky part would probably come from extremely precise control of neural-signals, because the patient is clearly not only quite conscious (note how her eyes observe the changes) but displays not a jot of discomfort. No heat-stress from converting all that tissue into energy (she doesn't show a DROP of sweat), for example.

Overall, though, a wonderful sequence showing excellent 'motion-control' and contouring, particularly when the former is 'visibly changing' the latter from one panel to the next. Thank you very much for sharing this!

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She provided a lot of fuel

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If only it was just a click away. Then again there will probably be several drawbacks and severe pain

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Not only does it take away fat, it changes your hair colour and clothing as well.

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Yeesh. Losing so much fat that quickly, I'm surprised her body could take it. Another brilliant feature of the Zap-o-tron, I guess.

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The 'zap' probably contains a LOT of different effects wrapped up in what the human eye can only perceive as a single bolt of energy. Pain-management, manipulating all kinds of tissue beyond just the 'excess fat', shrinking her epidermis to keep up with the changes going on underneath, and so on...

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We only wish that would happen :D

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i would need that...

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