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Joseph Malik Bio Card

Sooooo this is my OC Joseph Malik, who basically has the same powers as Colin of Lightbreaker [link] fame, thus the codename; Lightbreaker. I was going to use this OCT to test out some new ideas for him, but then they put in the rule saying that they could never have known about the x-men before, so that kinda shot that down.
And yes, I made him Swedish. Deal with it.
(inner voice) *Uhh, why would that be a problem?*
I don't know. It just felt like the right thing to say.

Before I forget... X-Men belongs to Marvel.
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He's cool! Thats a real neat power, and the eyes are just fantastic!
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Sweet, we need for foreigners in our mutant bergade, all of them can't be american. Nice charcter btw, good luck!
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Thanks! You Too!
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Are you serious?! lol I used that Same color eye thing for my x-men OC!!!! My character doesn't have the same powers as yours but i'd just like to point out that i'm not copying you, lol i guess great minds think alike?! :D
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