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Set by nizmus
Ready by nizmus
Coat of Arms by nizmus
Playing Football by nizmus
[C] Jessica Rabbit by Spirit--Productions
Spirit and Sol Chilling by Spirit--Productions
Bolshoy by nizmus
Witch! by RainStorm49
Reptiles and Amphibians
[C] Raptor by Spirit--Productions
Insanity? what is that by YeroCtoze
Play or Work! by milesPWR
Opakl [Furros City] by Spirit--Productions
3D model - Cartoony Cockatiel Turnabout GIF by ScaliePunk
Ayana the Secretary bird by milesPWR
Stampy by Doggie358
Fish and Aquatic Life
[CM] Fishy slug by Szczurzyslawa
Arachnids, Insects, and Other Invertebrates
Flower Girl by Lilydew
Hybrids of Existing Animals
[C] At the Beach by Spirit--Productions
Rat snake by Doggie358
i'm furry!? by kloomy
Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Creatures
Pentaceratops by CindyWorks
[AT] Biz by IceOfWaterflock
Mythical Creatures
Kari 3.5 (Yes, another Redesign) by Spirit--Productions
does anyone even know what a gharial is? by SkrillyDragonLady
Baked Goods by RottingRoot
Bloodfang V2 by Spirit--Productions
Original Species
Introducing Eric by RayPXL
EXE code: 1982AL23Q987-21 by RayPXL
Scorpion by RayPXL
[P] Floaty by Szczurzyslawa
Fandom Species
[C] Sharp Wit Reference Sheet by Spirit--Productions
Adoptables, Etc
[closed] by IceOfWaterflock
Bases, Lineart, Etc
How to Draw Furries/Anthro by RainStorm49
Commissions, Advertising, Etc
Patreon Preview - January 1-17 by IceOfWaterflock







Group Info

Hello and welcome to NotWeirdFurries!
Consider yourself a furry? Nice!
Don't consider yourself a furry but like anthro art? A-Okay!
Anthro art? Cool!
Feral art? Radical!
Fan art? Awesome!
As long as it's SFW, this group will take it!

This group is a general furry group, meant for all ages and all fans of anthropomorphic animal art! And that means no mature content - including 'SFW' things with NSFW implications. This group is just collecting clean anthro art, feral and anthro, so that people can enjoy looking at it without seeing something that makes them wish the NSFW filters were a bit more strict.

Group Rules:

:bulletgreen: Submit things to the right folders! If you have something that could fit in more than one, pick the one that feels most fitting; a whale, for example, could be submitted into the Mammals folder, but it's better suited for Fish and Aquatic Life.

:bulletgreen: Keep it SFW! This group won't accept anything that has a strict mature content warning; moderate warnings are fine so long as they aren't on fetish material.

:bulletgreen: Don't submit anything that puts things like racism, antisemitism, transphobia, homophobia, etc in a positive light. Come on, man.

:bulletgreen: Don't bash other people's art, or characters, or whatever. That's just weird. Go for a walk or something, smell some flowers.

:bulletgreen: Please invite your friends and submit lots of art!

(They're pretty self-explanatory)

:bulletblue: Mammals
The classic furry types! Dogs, cats - well, I don't really have to explain what a mammal is. They go here!

:bulletblue: Reptiles and Amphibians
Snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, all those great guys.

:bulletblue: Birds

:bulletblue: Fish and Aquatic Life
Fish, whales, crabs, octopi, maybe even some sea slugs or anemone if you're getting real wild with it.

:bulletblue: Arachnids, Insects, and Other Invertebrates
The bug zone; are there spider furries out there? I sure hope so.

:bulletblue: Hybrids of Existing Animals
If your fursona is part wolf, part mech, part rabbit, part fox, part sunglasses, part dragon, part dad, all dad, all knives, this is the folder for them. Also, I love them.

:bulletblue: Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Creatures
For dinosaurs and the reptiles that everyone thinks are also dinosaurs.

:bulletblue: Mythical Creatures
Dragons, werewolves, chimera, uh, more dragons? Go in here.

:bulletblue: Original Species
For the particular mess of traits that you or another person have created, in order to play god.

:bulletblue: Fandom Species
My Little Pony? Warrior Cats? Wings of Fire? Guardians of Ga'hoole? I'm running out of things I can think of that have animal characters that people know about? They go in here.

:bulletblue: Adoptables, Etc
Sell your creations, hopefully quickly and for lots of money.

:bulletblue: Bases, Lineart, Etc
For resources to help other people make cool art! FTU or PTU, or some other kind of TU, all's chill.

:bulletblue: Commissions, Advertising, Etc
Share your 'help me make money' posts. Good luck and I hope if you're having a crisis that it is resolved quickly and in the best way possible for everyone involved.
Pretty much what it says on the tin! All folders aside from Featured now automatically accept submissions sent in by members of the group, which was something I had meant to set from the get-go and didn't notice that I didn't.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the group so far! Invite your friends.
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