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Immutable Facts of Life
While humans have the ability to mold and shape many of the situations they come across, there are some things in life which do not change very much. These are the rocks in the stream of life – big rocks, small rocks, rocks which are nice and smooth, and rocks which are ugly. Some of these immutable facts of life exist for our own happiness and well-being, and certainly all have their purpose.  Some, however, seem to stand in the way of good fortune and happiness, as a locked gate across a path through a garden. Yet if these facts must remain for always and ever, there may be some solace.  Some of these facts provide foundation and st
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For Love and Money
Today I saw Out walking today By and by A purple dog Who gave me Electrocution In an igloo For the heat And the Wave. When Elvis walked in I went to say hello But he was crushed By a giant banana cake Falling From the sky- Which is why If you ever eat Two mangoes And some prunes You'll get A treehouse Built In a cave With plenty of pizza For all. And if you should ask For a nickel dollar You would only have To look up At the green sky And a whale Will land on your lawn chairs. So big And not to be had For Love and Money Or nothing at all.
Nerri, Fairy of the Garden
James in Cartoonland, ep. 31
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I lied.
I didn't come back.  And I won't promise I'm coming back this time either.  But I'm on today, and maybe I'll be on tomorrow.  Who knows? I've been very, very busy lately.  School, as always, gets in the way of a lot of things.  I also am very busy with my games, watching TV shows/movies/anime, and other forum communities - hence why I have little time for dA lately, as well as a lot of other things I love but have lesser skills at (such as art and music). But aside from all that, I'm pretty happy.  I don't really have bad days, at least not very often, and I'm enjoying life as I hope all you are as well.  I'm still the loner/geek I've alway
Back from the dead
18 years and back from the dead... oops, it hasn't really been 18 years but anyways. Good friend Marion from high school brought me back, he contradicts my self-analysis of being a bad artist and says I should come back, so I may just be posting some new stuff here soon (for the first time in, like, MONTHS).  Incidentally, his dA page is so go over there and subscribe.  He's got a lot of neat stuff on there, mostly photography but there's other stuff too.  The guy's a great artist. I cleaned out a lot of stuff on here without warning, if there's anything you desperately want go ahead and ask for it but as far
School is starting again
Yes, I know, long time no write in journal.  I've been busy this summer.  Traveling across the country and whatnot.  In the past couple days I've been busier than ever: -I started studying C++ AND Java. -I got my learners permit today, finally, so I can start driving in traffic.  Rah. -Playing RO.  I've gotten over the addiction, but that won't stop me from playing for hours. -And school started this week.  First week of school is always very boring, so I'm looking forward to future weeks where things should actually get interesting.  Ha.  I hope. Things I did that were fun this summer: -Visited family in Washington.  Not quite as cool


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Yes, spamming mine and ~LoveDelusion's friend is mean. If you're SRSLY gonna keep messing with our friend, I have a full club of 45 members who can spam you back for it. ~Screaming-Angels is quite precious to us, so I suggest you leave her alone.

~Vampire Axel, leader of club Silent Hearts
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Spamming is where you post lots of nonsense with no reason. I have reason to be worried here. I'm not posting lots of junk on her page, I'm just asking a simple question which she keeps evading and that makes me more and more suspicious.

I'm not trying to be mean, but I must know the truth.
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Forgive me, I didn't read before writing this...
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*growls defensively* I will advise you to stop leaving rude comments on my girlfriends page...
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O__o H-huh...what..were we even talking about?