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Until I Die
The only thing I can register is the dull sound of someone screaming, bright light, and the smell of smoke. That is, until my throat starts to burn. Then I realize that the agonizing screams are mine. My body shakes against my will as I break down disbelieving what’s happened. My mind replays the scene of your cap falling off as you run into the building over and over. My brain fails to notice our friends gathering around as I fall back onto the ground. Everything is numb as all I am able see is orange yellow hue, and then, nothing. Absolutely nothing.
I’m not sure how long it’s been, or how I got here, but I’m in my bed. My eyes burn as if chlorine has been poured in them. I wipe at my eyes to find them wet. Running my hands over my face I realize my face is soaked with tears. My mind races trying to remember what happened.
I had the presentation for school… we went there. I got accepted into college and Tadashi…
“Tadashi!!” I yell sprin
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31 Dates Ch3
Date 2: Hair and Constellations
Jack Frost drifted aimlessly in the sky restless and humming with excitement. The night before had been his first date with the Nightmare King. The winter teen’s mind went over the whole night over and over again. He drummed his fingers against his chest giggling to himself. Pitch, the BOOGYMAN, kissed his hand! Warm lips had gently caressed his knuckles and it had sent an electric current through his body. Not to mention the candle light dinner, the gondola ride, and the way Pitch had been courteous the whole time. Jack blushed thinking about how he felt smitten. He had to admit, the Nightmare King was suave. The teen sighed to himself.
Pitch Black paced his lair. Shuffling back and forth occasionally huffing. A date with a certain winter sprite consumed his thoughts. The night before felt too surreal for him still. Everything he had planned worked out perfectly. Seeing Jack with that look of surprise at the dinner, and then having a
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31 Dates Ch2
Date 1: Venice
Jack arrived at the Nightmare King’s lair in the early evening. It wasn’t dark out yet, but it was about thirty minutes until sunset. The young teen felt like butterflies were battling in his belly as he stood outside of the lair a good five minutes. Leaping into the darkness that lead to Pitch he landed lightly on the cool stone ground inside the main cavern by the desolate globe, and straightened out his clothes as he scanned the room for Pitch.
“Good evening Jack.” Pitch purred ascending from the shadows of the globe.
Jack had already suspected the Nightmare King would try to sneak up on him, so he just turned and smiled at the older spirit.
“Hello.” Jack threw his hand up in a short wave of greeting.
The young guardian hardly had experience socializing and dating, so he felt awkward. It was common knowledge to the both of them that the attraction was mutual to some level and the young guardian didn’t know how to act. A
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31 Dates
How It Came About
It happened in a playful way. Well, more like Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, couldn’t pass up a challenging bet. It also didn’t help that the young white haired teen also had a thing for the challenger. Pitch Black, the Nightmare King to be more accurate. With the Boogeyman being dark and mysterious it was like trying to sneak a taste of forbidden fruit without being caught. Indulging on something completely off limits and naughty. Jack Frost is the three hundred plus year keeper of Santa’s naughty list after all.
One fine evening just as the sun started to set, Jack Frost was alone sitting by his pond. His legs stretched out and arms behind him supporting his weight while he carelessly watched the sky as it began to darken for night. The forever teen of eighteen was divulging himself into one of his day dreams. A day dream about a tall, dark and handsome man that he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about, never mind day dreaming a
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Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch18 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 4 14
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch17 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 3 6
Circus Creatures Ch2
North had been nothing but kind to him his whole life. Never treating him badly. To say the Russian didn’t treat him different would be somewhat of a lie. Of course he wasn’t treated like a normal person, but at least North was never mean to him. It’s hard to say you’re being treated ‘normal’ when you’re being walked on a fucking leash.
North unlocked the box in Jack’s enclosure kept in the corner permanently glued to the floor. Jack cursed that wretched box. It held ‘his things’ which were used to restrain him or punish him. That blasted box also held his chain leash for his cursed collar. The teen growled quietly hearing the click of the opening box. 
Guilty eyes belonging to the man opening the box looked at Jack with sympathy. Along with being care taker, North also designed things. His welding and designing skills were truly masterful, but were sometimes used in the worse possible way. He was the one responsible for
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Mature content
By The Water's Edge Ch9 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 2 1
Mature content
By The Water's Edge Ch8 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 0 0
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch16 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 1 1
Circus Creatures Ch1
He laid basking in the sun, taking pleasure in the warmth before it became too great for him to handle. It wasn’t something he could do for long. His delicate pale skin didn’t allow it. He would never become tan, he would never change. His skin will forever be the color of pale milky white, and his hair white as freshly fallen snow. Forever, timeless, he would remain the same. Never knowing why he existed this way or what he was and why he is different.
He only knew that he has been a teenager much longer than he should have been. That he stayed the same while others changed. People treated him different. Freak; that’s the word they used. The name that he was called along with others, but that wasn’t his specific name. He was known by all who knew of him as Jack Frost. The freak child, the beautiful demon, innocent fairy, spirit of cold, demonic angel, monster.
Jack moved away from the window of his box cart to lay on the straw mat that made his be
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Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch15 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 2 0
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch14 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 1 21
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch13 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 3 6
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch12 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 5 10
Mature content
The Dark and the Light Ch11 :iconnotsonormallady:NotSoNormalLady 2 7


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Hi! Sorry I've been on hiatus for so long. I've been posting mainly on ao3 and tumblr. I've opened up writing for commissions if anyone is interested. I'm open to writing just about anything, with or without a fandom. Any ship is fine, just tell me your otp. It's $6.00 per 1000 words, and I take payments to paypal. Let me know! Thank you! (My user name for a03 is LadyJSenpai)


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