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Waldgeister Ref Sheet (Open Species)


they are an open species now!
no need to ask to make one! go wild!
I simply dont have the time to update their concepts anymore. but i saw people wanting to make one so they are an open species now!!!!
you can create your own and there are no real... like. DEEP LORE RULES you have to stick to. just a few things to keep in mind:

:bulletred: they are always bipedal.
(its what makes them creepy in unbound form which is the whole vibe of the design) (i mean they can also walk on fours but. they have hands. unless they have feathers. you know what i mean)

:bulletred: you can give them clothes or accessories as you please but the paper charm needs to be attached for the Unbound form to be able to be controlled.
without them they go mad. unless thats what youre going for...

:bulletred: hybrids are welcome - but when you do some sea-creature design they still need to be able to walk.
waldgeister need leggies.

:bulletred: they are called "Waldgeister" which is the german word for "forest spirit". they dont exclusively live in Forests but they dont have a waldgeist-city. they prefer to be alone or with companions but are not to be found in packs

:bulletblack: !!yes they are an open species but please dont sell adoptables of them <3 thank you!!

If you have any questions about them feel free to ask me in the comments or note me <3

Waldgeister - Open Species by NotsoJelly

remember that there are no fix sizes.
Spiritform can be much smaller or the Unboundform can be even taller
its up to you
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can my Waldgeister have any color scheme and pattern, and floof that resembles hair?

NotsoJelly's avatar

you probably see more muted/pastel colors than super bright colorshemes

but other than that you can do anything!

and yes >:3 hair is fine!

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do i have to get my waldgeister approved?
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HI! HAHA SUper sorry for the late reply i dont really check this acc too often anymore,

but no, you dont need to have your WG approved <3 have fun with them! >:3

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These are rad awrsome!!
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I'm kinda confused >_< Is the unbound from its form for when it doesn't have an owner/companion or is it just it's form for when it attacks or uses self-defense?
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I was just curious. I'm making one that's a kitsune/fox and I was wondering if they can make different "cries" or "calls". I was going to have mine make a hyena laugh or something for the call when it's in it's unbound form, then a little squeak or something for the spirit form. Would that be alright?
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Heya! I'm making one of these babs rn, can we do edits to the paper charm? It has the same symbols, but what I'm doing it just has three spikes on the top left and bottom right. Would this be allowed?
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HI THERE!!! Very sorry for the late reply and yes the papercharm is 100% custom to each waldgeist!
some wear the charm different than others (some as a necklace. others just... have it kinda. stick there) and each Waldgeist has their own mark!
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Is there a ref sheet base to make one or just use this?
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there is no official ref sheet but this one and the one i linked in the description is a rough guide
if you have any questions youre more than welcome to ask ahead <3
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I had to reference for basic proportion but here's my version 
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A ich weiß ich bin spät, aber ich mach auch einen, wenn ich darf XD
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//how does one get their hands on one of these beautiful critters
Icarus-Sketches's avatar
Are these an open species or no? Can I have the link to the group if there is one?
NotsoJelly's avatar
these are a closed species but due to "REAL LIFE" i sadly diddnt get around to develop them more
but i have things in mind and hope i can make that reality some day
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Nghghhg I really want one of these aaaa ;//v//;!!
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i was wondering if you could make some poses for them, like as how they would look like if they where looking forward different angles ;;v;; im sorry i just cant really understand poses yet, since im not really use to drawing animals '//"D
NotsoJelly's avatar
Thats fine!!! I will do that later today!! Thank you for letting me know, hope that will help you <3
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