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Basic Alchemy Symbols

These are some basic symbols you will see in various transmutation circle. These are found in basic transmutation symbols everywhere.
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is alchemy really possible? and real? i mean, we work on chemistry , but, i mean, if i create a circle , how could i use it? will it work ?? 
why is there a lower case fire and and upper case Fire?
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The upper-case fire may symbolize the final phase of Alchemy.  Other than that, it could mean quintessence.  From what I gather, studying alchemy via Julius Evola, symbols may have altered meanings in many cases.  Thus, you may have to learn each individual alchemist's "grammar," and so forth. 
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can i use these to make a card game if i give you credit?
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what is alchemy? i try to search up google definitions but they dont really make sense to me
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do you mind if i use some of these for my book report that i read about alchemy for my poster?
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What is the symbol of Terra mean? I am new to alchemy.
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It represents Earth. It can take or deposit energy from earth or use it for other little tricks.
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If creation is the basic transmutation symbol, which is  used in every alchemy circle, than it is wrong, it is a five pointed star not a eight pointed star, and even if it is not, put equivalent exchange into play, you cant make something out of nothing.
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You can make something out of nothing. Matter and antimatter. 1 + -1 = 0

Alchemy symbols sometimes (read "most of the time") don't line up with symbols used elsewhere. It's simply encryption. 
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r u sure these are correct others show water differently..
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Yes. I'm pretty damn sure.
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The symbol for creation... What is it called and how do I make it in Serif Draw Plus? Because I've been fucking around, trying to make it and I can't figure it out.
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I just connected the dots, literally. That's how I made almost all second phase stars.
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I managed to make one (a while back, that is). But I'm gonna go ahead and ask anyway. How do you f*king get the dots in the right place? I'm OCD and I give a shit about the star being perfect.
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Make a shape with the sides equal to the number of points you want on the star, then connect the corners of the shape accordingly using the line tool.
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Looking for more on how to put a circle together.
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I have several other tutorials you might check out, and I'll be publishing more soon.
or could anybody help?
is that really the sign for life? i tried to find it but couldnt, maybe give me a link or reference ?
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I don't have any references right on hand, but it's been used many times by many others, and I'm pretty sure it was in the dictionary of occult, which was where I found lots of symbols.
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Do you use Serif Draw Plus for all these images you make? All of them, some of them, what?
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