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Lockscreen: Everything NFR
Springboard: Astra

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I would also like the SpringBoard wall, and the SC theme. Thanks, man!
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And some one said wall was public ? Can you share :D :D Or send me a note with a link, you can also hit us up on ? :D :D And tell your friend they got amazing skills ;) Sweetest fricken wall i seen in a long time :D :D Peace dude. :D :D
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Damn man I'm sorry I would have given you all that stuff. I guess quite a bit changed in the past year and i haven't really gone on here. Im not sure if I have this stuff anymore, but if I find it I'll send it to you.
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Loving this dude :D :D So calm and clean yet it's Oh So Sexy ;) Can you please share the spring board wall :D ? And is the lockscreen Tenuitas or Satiunet ? Sorry i cant tell the difference :D I know there nfr but i'd like to know the names for the future :D :D Peace man and keep up the sick shots !
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What SnowCover Pro theme is that?
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Mind telling me what lockscreen font you are using? Looks nice!
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NeutraText Light SC
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Oh, so you're a sinful person.. Thanks!
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No, both families of Neutraface and Neutraface 2 were gifted to me by my graphic design teacher.
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mind sharing your font?
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that wallpaper is awesome! would you mind sharing
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Where did u get the lockscreen? i cant find it on cydia or anything :(
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Lovely shot.
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Nice shot:D, how did you remove the date from your lockscreen?
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awesome shot :)
is the snowcover just a private release for friendsor would you send it to me too?^^
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