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What is this?!

To make a long story short - it's a pet project/piece of mindless self indulgence that has transformed into something a little bit bigger. Basically, while working on my other nuzlocke run ("Father") I found myself wanted to incorporate certain elements into the story that simply wouldn't fit. Firstly, I was having a hankering for fantasy elements - one of my main goals of "Father" is to create a realistic interpretation of the Pokemon world, obviously fantasy doesn't really fit in that world. Secondly, I was finding myself tempted to incorporate gijinka into the art ... which again, simply didn't fit into the world I was trying to create.

Naturally, the only solution was to create a side project. Presenting "Day of the Phoenix" - my heart gold nuzlocke comic. It's set in a Johto very different than the world you encounter during the games. Wild Pokemon are little more than roaving demons, intent on destroying all evidence of human civilization. Those few blessed with the ability to bond these creatures to themselves are known as Masters - conjurers treated with fear and superstitions.

I'm not sure what my release schedule is going to be like, expect one "episode" (consisting of anywhere between 10-20 full pages) every month. Maybe more, maybe less. I'm still going to be working on "Father"in the background, but right now it's on a bit of a hiatus.
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