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Hey guys here with some TinkerBell movie updates.
TinkerBell and the Mysterious Winter Woods… Here's the Trailor.

The movie was said to come out 2010 Dec. But then was moved to Feb 8th. Then it was said to come out Nov. of this year. But has been movied for another TinkerBell movie, called "TinkerBell and the Pixie Hollow Games", which will have more info below. The new date is fall of 2012

Not much is told about what the movie is about so far. Just that Tink and her friends go into the Winter Woods. And Along the liens Tink finds I'm guessing either a somewhat famous Snow/Ice fairy, or a long lost messing Snow/Ice fairy named Periwinkle.

Photobucket Photobucket

TinkerBell and the Pixie Hollow Games.… The trailor is only in Arbic as far as I know.

It will air this fall,2011.

It is in honor of the Olympic games. Which Fairy talent has their own team. Those game teams also have trading cards. I remember buying some awhile back. Which I think have something to do with that.

Not much infomation on the Pixie Hollow Games.

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Sorry I haven't been doing many Movie updates anymore, also.
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