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Chicken borsch

food, grub, chow, vitals

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Good night artisti

so many lovely faces

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Three Sisters

beautiful places

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oh be still my beating heart

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oh meow

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Aerith Night Gown (14) by Koyuki

beautifully posed

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Blurring the Lines

Lazy sunlight seeps through the window,.. spreading warmly across the bed; Blanketing me in familiar comfort days of yore again. … Still is the sound I can hear the beat the wings of a honey bee, irregular buzzing; she seeks entrance through the screen repeatedly. soothing me into oblivion. I am in a sun induced trance and the colors of the rainbow upon, closed eye-lids, dance. ... twirling on toes through a prism. I can hear a familiar voice … I haven’t heard that voice in so long.. And the fresh linens on the clothes-line - have you smelt the breath of sun-shine? :love: faint laughter of a child in the distance.. Yes,.. - I know who that is… And she’s bringing that child some lunch, in the garden.. melancholy,.. in spite of the dream. smiles,. in spite of a heaviness… and doleful, the present day… an awareness of lucid dreaming,... - I could steer this so many ways.. Tears glisten in the corners of sleeping eyes through the throes of

the literature, poetry corner

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Night Shooting

rendered lassies

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Inspired by In a Small Lake by Mizuki Ohira

something different

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Sirius Azur Lane cosplay maid by Hidori Rose 01


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Against the sea wind

in the classic style

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digital cuteness plus

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Show the Beauty of Your Life (WAB1215)

seen better days

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Femme Antique 18

bad ass women

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September pond


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Water Music

water dance

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The Pyrenees from the highs of Hopital St Blaise

open spaces

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mixed art

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precious ones

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Autumn - Autunno

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I Light You

awesome manips of the ladies

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My Hiding Place

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Snow snow snow.

portraits of life

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picture 54

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face doodle

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face doodle

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Rough Passage

Fantacy land water scapes

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Quiet evening

SCAPES, land water city

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Waterfalls and a Bird


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In The May Woods

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Mystified Beech

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Stay For Just A While

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The modern barn

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Sunset over the ocean

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Three Sisters

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Great Wide Open

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Mountain stream

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Raleigh Falls

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Raleigh Falls

water falls

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