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My Dora The Explorer Mariana Mii

I tried my best at doing this, and I paid a little homage to the 3DS style of miis, while adding some makeup of the Switch (this mii was made on my switch)

Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, Manatee Mermaid Rescue, and Dora Saves The Mermaids belong to Viacom/Nickelodeon.

Miitopia and Miis belong to Nintendo.
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Guess it was a good thing it had stars hair ties. My Megan mii lacks her iconic bow lol.

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Yep. I chose this mii as a Vampire, first a kind one for a few seconds, then a Cautious one for that stupendous amount of damage with the “warming up’ technique/quirk.

Edit: Oh, and the circle squiggly lines, mark her earrings.

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When I made Penny(From Inspector Gadget) I made her cautious, because that is what she was in the show, sneaking around, and not rushing into things.

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That’s good!

Btw, the little stars as hair ties, are actually look like a star fish.

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Yeah the show had her wear a starfish hair tie. The Miis do not have everthing. But you work with what you got lol.

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