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obliterate the beautiful

By nothought
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practice/to waste time

i don't know how people
scan their drawings with
such a solid background...

ref| [link];pos=5
use| 4H F HB B 3B 4B 6B sharpened erasers
a few hours
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I wouldnt worry about the background beuing solid...I think it looks good that way.
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always welcome.
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Is it pencil? charcoal? bit of both?
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thank you!
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mmmmm...what a emotional expression!!! ;)
even that you know,i think that u have a beautiful life,i can see it through your drawing lines,because you'r professional !! ;)
have a question,who is that girl ?
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Thank you!
I do have a beautiful life, I've been lucky along the way and I'm hoping it will stay like that!
Rachel McAdams, she's one of the only celebrities I think seems like a decent person, or at least stays out of the tabloids. and she's beautiful!
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I love everything about this.
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oh, that's good.
thank you
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i love the facial expression in this piece
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the emotion in her eyes is fantastic!
you can see raw feeling there......grewat job! its hard to do that sometimes :)
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it's always hard to do that
i'm sure.
thank you!
v much
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You're very welcome

By the way, I was just wondering, but how long would you say it takes you to do a pencil drawing? Start to finish. Yours are phenomenal and you seem to be uploading them all the time.
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hmmmm it's hard to say, i rarely keep track of time
when i'm drawing. but if i'm really enjoying myself i
can finish a drawing over a span of a day or two,
working about 2-5hrs each day. I'd say an average
of six to eight hours for a few(this was probably about six)

when i'm drawing it at least doesn't SEEM to take long haha.
plus i stop and go allll the time.
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Yeah thats usually how I am as well, only when I draw I usually have quite a few in the process so it takes just a tad bit longer :)
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mhmm it's the only time i'm good at multi tasking.
thanks for the comments!
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haha yeah me too
and you're very welcome
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So sad and so beautiful. You have such a delicate style.
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oh thank you
yes, well i'm a
delicate person,
i guess.
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There's something beautifully sad about this, intentional or not :heart:
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oh thank you,

i was sick when i drew this
maybe that's it. ; )
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