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nothing's scared ii

By nothought
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F, Hb, .3mm, 2b, 3b
on charcoal paper
title by CYNE
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i fell in love with this one, you are god haha. i want you to know that i want to be as good as you one day, is my goal.( sorry if you didnt understand what i said thats because i dont speak inglish)
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Amazing n lovely shot.....
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sensual.. lovely
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I want to do one like this with me and my hubby <3
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this is absolutely gorgeous! the angle and composition is great, and the details are awesome, I love the little freckles on her shoulder
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thank you so much.
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great and amazing ^^
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What a brilliant perspective. This really caught my eye, it's wonderful!
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thanks so much.
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This series is an inspiration. You've captured these classic, intimate moments that make my heart swoon with the memory of lovers past.
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Thank you so much,
it means a lot coming from you!
I really love working on this series,
and I'm glad someone can understand
where I am coming from.

One of these was taken down, and I was banned for ';pornography' but I think it's worth it. I like the idea of sacrifice.

thanks again for the comment.
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I remember that little controversy. They love taking stuff down on dA. The wind blows and there goes half your gallery. I've had 2 of my paintings taken down. I put both of them back up and one got taken down again but the second remained. Bunch of geniuses who patrol this place i tell ya.

Do you have the other piece on an external website?
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Haha, yes. it's really shocking to
me, see as how some of the things
people put up are complete smut, and
yet wind up in the most popular section.
enough with the rant...haha.

I'll put it up, here ya go:
it probably won't before it's taken down...
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That's an amazing image. Graphic? Sure. Provocative, challenging, well executed and artful? Without a doubt. I wish there was an easier way for us to exhibit our work in a community environment. It's disheartening to see work like this hidden away form the public eye when that is precisely where it needs to be.
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Thank you so much.
yes, definitely- this is one of the works
I'm most proud of, it turned out much
better than I expected. Oh well, someday
they will stop being so prude- I HOPE.

thank you again.
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very nice! indeed very intertesting and original angle
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thanks a lot.

the angle is more of a contribution
of the photographer. i just make it real
by applying it back to physical forms.

pft. whatever that means.
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tricky angle to do!
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yes, and no, once you
get the hang of looking
for shapes rather than faces.
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thats true...good point.
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