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I heard a story about Lady Gaga, prior to fame. She was preforming at a bar and no one was paying attention; they were emersed in their own drunkenness. So she took off her clothes. Needless to say, she got their attention.

You have to respect a woman who doesn't take NO for an answer. She's famous and you're not. Do what you have to; keep hustling.
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what kind of pencils do you use? 2bs 3Bs, 4Bs and 2Hs?
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Graphite. All kinds. 9B-4H.
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great image, great story
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while i dont like Lady Gaga, i must respect her, and the message is a good one. with that said, this piece is beautiful. simple and gorgeous, yet its kind of sad. this seems like it was inspired by someone with depression or low self esteem, beautiful pieces depicting sadness are always timeless. either way it is gorgeous
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Hello! :wave:

Your work was featured in Faves from my Faves: Vol. IV! Please take a peek at the article and :+favlove: it if you like what you see.

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It is officially impossible for you to draw something that isn't my favourite
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well that's good.
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I love this drawing but i'll keep not having respect for Lady Gaga and such manners, and i don't care if she's famous and rich and i'm not.
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For the record, I don't like [most of] her music, but I still gotta give her props for fucking tearing the music scene apart.
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Well, i don't want to put up an endless discussion, but gaining approval by showing a pair of tits or a skinny bum is not certainly tearing anything but doing cheap (and also not innovative, see Madonna) business instead of music. And the example you told, getting naked because no one is listening, is quite significant. It's also offensive against the rights women fought for in the past decades. Do a woman have to get naked to have some audience? I don't believe so, there are far more interesting examples of women capable of showing their art instead of their arse.
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you've got a good point.
mine was much less serious, and much more in jest though. i don't respect her because she showed her tits, or for being 'original', i respect her for getting attention, for demanding attention. She's a performance artist, it's not about music anyway.

Fuck, I don't see nudity as disrespect or offensive anyway, we've got something men don't and want. Use that shit; you don't have to lack self-respect to shake what your momma gave you. My ass IS art.

(PS. For the record I prefer Anäis Nin or Flannery O'Connor...or really any other woman, for intellectual stimulation; I never said she was a perfect example of a woman nor feminsit, I just think she has done a good job of getting what she wants.)

Anyway. Thanks for the discussion and the compliments.
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Ok, i didn't mean to offend you anyway, i'm certain that you had better inspiration than Lady Gaga, you're not stupid and i didn't mean that of course, nevertheless i wouldn't have wasted my time ranting against her with you.
I have nothing against nudity and i ain't no saint, what is really gross about this thing is the commercialization of nudity as mean to sell everything savagely which become no more art and gives to the masses the idea that anybody can do anything (even foul) to obtain fame and richness. That's what i feel very wrong about Gaga (and many others), in my opinion.
After that i won't disturb you anymore, i just wanted to make my point clear.
Keep on with your good work and sorry for the bother. :peace:
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Nice work, Mo!

(Yes, I'm writing this from India. It's gonna be 109 today. Wish you were here.)

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(me too; it's a good 70º here, I could use another 15º)
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Not another 40º? I've got plenty to spare.

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Great drawing! Very good indeed! :D
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