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How I Draw: Video

By nothought
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(The preview image is the reference I'm currently using, seen in the video. I'll update it with the actual drawing when I'm finished.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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awesome video, but I wanted to see more.
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Great video, strong work, which confere to you all my respect. You're something like a monk, do you know that ? What a sacerdocal work, with such abnegation face the effort !... O__ô

(it's too bad that I can't tell this in french, but I hope you're understanding the idea : you're absolutley impressive with such patience and stubborn work then most of us would never give itself such difficult for [almost] reproduced a photgraph).
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Thank you so much. Haha, I should make MONK my alias. No worries, I understand! Thank you, I appreciate it!
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I'm glad you understand and appreciate. =]
See you, little monk ! ;P
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wat medium do u use? it intresting..
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oh it looks like some kind of liquid material well thankyou ^^
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It's weird how you draw but I understand why you do it,I do like that sometime but just for the outline and the white paper is on top of the ref photo.But can I ask you why you don't just keep the reference on the side and look at it?
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Ahh I see.
I can keep it at the side, but it won't be as accurate. I like accuracy.
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Yes I like accuracy too I know what you mean! Anyway,you're way of drawing is weird but interesting,somenthing new that I've never seen before,can't wait to see the drawing
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what medium, and why did you put/keep the reference in the sketch book. you have to flip the page everytime you want to look it. just doesn't make much sense.
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I keep the reference on top, on purpose. I flip it and the image kind of 'sticks' in my vision for a second or two, then I copy it down and flip again. That's the entire point.
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All i know is that i absolutely fell in love with the band playing on the bacground O_o.

But, very intresting way of 'holding' your reference, must try it sometime.
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Foxy Shazam is tha SHiZ.

Yes, I don't know where I picked up that 'technique'.
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