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Heads Will Roll

By nothought
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graphite on
drawing paper

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How do you do this ?
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it's complicated.
but really, just practice and patience.
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this is one of my favorites! is it you? how do you do it from life or from picture? self-portrait?
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this is one of my favorites as well.
it's not me, it's a photograph I found online. The beauty was already there, I just drew it.
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Wow. Okay, get ready for obsessive comments by me as I drool over your gallery.
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I love it.

what kind of paper did you use here?
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thank you.
strathmore drawing paper, good stuff, the real deal.
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is incredible drawing like always
what inspired you for this one?
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thank you.
the reference itself was enough inspiration for me.
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this song has been in my head all day


also, i thought you might be interested in this [link]
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thank you!

& thanks for the link, def. interested! <3bby
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It's very beautiful work. The boy's gaze is so intense (if I may presume that it is a boy!). A pretty famous Australian artist comes to mind, Cherry Hood, who acheives comparably startling effect, but her work is more like straight portraiture without your inventiveness.

Got to respect any drawing that still makes equal sense when mirrored. That's some attention to symmetry right there. So the WIPs were backwards?
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thank you so much!
I didn't take the photo, it was done by Richard Burbridge, but I'm rather sure the model is female.

Wow, what a compliment!
I really appreciate it. The WIPs were backwards,
I took them with my webcam, and for some reason
my photo-program refused to save them 180º horizontally tossed.

Thanks once more.
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wow, very beautiful work!
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Any relation to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song? Great work.


TeraLink Was Here!
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Mos. Def!
Thank you.
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you draw beautifully.
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thank you, sweets!
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