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Maturity is not Gender Specific stamp

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EDIT: I had to remake this stamp because it got confused for girls being more physically matured than boys. So the people who corrected me on that were right. But I was referring to mentally maturing not physically. Because again, even puberty doesn't make a teenager fully matured that quick at the age of 14 or 15. This also refers to how many girls call themselves more mature and act like adults, when in reality, they are just as shallow as most boys. A boy shouldn't automatically be stereotyped as stupid and a girl shouldn't automatically be stereotyped as intelligent. There are boys who are intelligent and girls who are stupid. Like I said a million times, DEPENDS ON THE GODDAMN PERSON!

This is a response to all those "boys take so long to grow up!" or "girls mature alot quicker than boys!" messages that are getting really stupid. So this is pretty much directed to teenage boys and girls.

Once again, accepting constructive criticism but not flame wars.
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OlanR24Hobbyist Writer
This actually reminds me back in my Freshman year when I was in my Academic Support class with two other girls, and when the teacher had to step out of the room for a second, she asked one of the girls (who I'm friends with) to be in charge until she gets back, then she asked the teacher why she didn't ask me to be in charge instead, and then the other girls said because she was more mature than I was.
Like, I didn't really know her all so much and yet she just said that out of nowhere..
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I've heard this message a million times (mostly from boys/men ironically) and it's complete nonsense. FLIP YOU PEOPLE WHO SAY THIS! If I wanna act like a five year old and hug my stuffies and watch cartoons I kahooting will!
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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist
i'm a girl and i agree. i HATE it when ppl feel the need to blame everything on gender.
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DeadBlackSparkHobbyist Digital Artist
My ass....
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0takeimika0Hobbyist General Artist
Im a girl,and I'm not mature at all lol
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Eleanor-the-SecondHobbyist General Artist
Lol, I'm proof of the opposite!
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alpen99Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is by far one of the most accurate things I've ever seen. I always thought it was depending on how your parents raised you or which state you're from since I've lived in two states and the guys are super differently in both.
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KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
i'm a girl and im immature
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I laugh at offensive jokes... and I'm 14. Mature my butt.
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xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Same, and I'm 17. 
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Sweet-corn-flakesStudent Traditional Artist
It all depends on personality
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TheYellowTeam433Student Artist
even in the internet, the girls of the fandom makes cringe.
instead, the mans of the fandom are not really cringy.
im not being male chauvinist.

we all can be inteligent. we all can be stupid
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
Umm dear sir- that’s *intellgent. But good try.
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TheYellowTeam433Student Artist

but seriously. the girls of the fandom ARE REALLY CRINGY. they are obsessed with ships, they put themselves a furry avatar, they are obsessed with one character and they do stupid memes.
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
But ive seen boys draw themselves having sex with MLP characters.
so-I’d say it’s pretty evened out.
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TheYellowTeam433Student Artist
im talking about the Fandom girls. not the real life ones.
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
You mean- OC’s that are fandom girls? Like people who create characters that are fandom girls?
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TheYellowTeam433Student Artist
ups sorry, i mean ``internet girls´´ not ``fandom girls´´. my bad.
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
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The-Tickler-85-520Professional Writer
gender has nothing to do with your intellegence
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally does. Watchu talking about?
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The-Tickler-85-520Professional Writer
I mean being a girl or boy doesn’t mean you’re smarter then the other gender. People think that but it actually isn’t true
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it is, the two brains are very different. Heck even in build.
men and women have extremely different kind of intelligences and there’s endless science studies to back that up.
so...maybe before saying things like that you should do some research? It’s extremely true that genders think and process things differently.
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