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DIY Iron pipe Table

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Black iron pipe table, big hardwood top 2 inch large !
More close up pic to help you figure it out : [link]
Posted on gentlemints : [link]


1 . Go to home depot, buy all the pipe parts in the galvanized pipe section.
( [link] )

I suggest 3/4 size pipe for the leg and 1/2 size pipe for the middle part. Because 1/2 pipe part are way cheaper and it give your table a better look, if you build everything in 3/4 it will luck a bit bulky and cost you way more money.

You can see the fitting to pass from 3/4 pipe to 1/2 pipe size ( this piece [link] ) and look at this pic here ( [link] ) to locate this part and understand when the size change is made.

2. Just look at the pipe on the pic its kinda simple when your at home depot to figure out and even assemble 1 leg on the spot to make it the length that you want it.

3. Assemble by ... putting them together no tools required at all.

4. When the frame is finish, spray a primer, and after spray you matte black finishing color.

5. Find or go to your local woodshop and buy a hard piece of wood for the top. Mine as show in the pic cost 100$ and was custom made 2 inch thick of solid wood. Dont be cheap on the wood top, its like the masterpiece of the table. The best is to do like me ! Go to a local wood worker, lounge table top like this are REALLY easy to make for them since its not a complicated furniture.

6. Put 1-2 dip of grazy glue in each pipe connection so they dont get loose when you move the table around.

7. I really recommend to spray paint it black, even if your pipe are black, it give the frame a more ... finished look and fill the pipe connection for a better look. Warning : You need to put a white primer ( in spray ) before the black ( also in spray ), because if you dont the black paint will peel off and it wont stay.

8. At home depot you can assemble your kit on the spot if you want it took me a big 10 minutes, right in the middle of the corridor. Nobody asked me question and if someone asked me I would just tell him that .... i need to be sure that everything fits ! At the cash you will end up whit like 25 piece of iron pipe.

9. You will save at least 500$, table like this have retail price around 800-1000$ in some boutique. It cost me 150$ of iron and 100$ for the wood top and 20$ for the paint.

10. Everybody that come to the living room talk about it. Its solid, an look like an expensive piece of handmade art that you can find at this $$$$$ boutique downtown.
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very cool Knee buster
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Yep, it will break your leg.
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Wonderful! :jawdrop: It has a taste of steampunk.. and if I imagine it in pure copper and with some cogged wheels :drool:
Thank you very much for attaching the tutorial :iconflowerthnxplz:
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Thanks ! This one is 100% iron pipe, the frame is like 40 pounds.
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Oh, really heavy.. but sturdy :XD:
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Just 1 question ... where did you find the link to my deviation ?
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Wow that's great! How did you paint it? Spray?
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Yes, It mat black spray paint.
But you can find iron pipe that are already black, mine where regular grey galvanized iron pipe so i had to paint it. You need to put some primer paint first before the black.
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Made this all by myslelf !
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